6-13-16 Monday

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In case you missed it on Facebook Saturday or in the weekly roundup post yesterday:

Jessica has already updated on Facebook that Regina is doing great, and she is now Marie (for Marie Antoinette), which I think is a lovely name for that girl.


Now to answer questions that y’all had on Friday (for those of you who missed it, I announced that part of the reason we aren’t getting another dog now that George and Gracie are gone is because we’re planning to move back to the suburbs in the next couple of years – we miss having sidewalks and convenience).

1. OF COURSE we’re going to take all the permanent residents with us. Did you think we’d ever leave a cat behind? Haven’t I ranted plenty about people who would move and leave a cat or dog behind? (Maybe I’ve only ranted in my head, now that I think about it. But I ranted a LOT, believe me.)

2. OF COURSE we’re going to continue fostering – we didn’t start fostering in this house (in fact, we were fostering for a couple of years before we bought this house), why would we stop fostering when we move? We’re casually looking at homes on Zillow at the moment, and the first thing I like to do is determine which room would be the foster room. (And then I choose Fred’s office, which will hopefully be as far as possible from my bedroom, because waking up every morning to the sound of that treadmill desk of his is not exactly a relaxing way to wake up. That thing is LOUD.)

3. We’re aiming to live in Madison or Huntsville (Alabama) – we’re not tied to a particular area or school, and it’ll depend on the house.

4. We lived in a house with a Home Owner’s Association (two houses ago), and won’t be doing that again. If we find a house we love and we (a) can’t take all the cats and/or (b) it has a HOA, that’s not the house for us.

5. We’re intending/hoping to put a cat fence around the back yard of any home we buy (preferably inside a privacy fence), to keep the cats contained to the back yard. How are the cats going to react? Who knows? Probably Archie and Stefan won’t like not being able to free-roam, but they’ll adjust. Sheriff Mama will be fine as long as she has a back yard to patrol and can boss around her siblings. Probably we’ll put a special shelter out there for Maxi, or maybe she’ll have her own room in the house. There’ll definitely have to be special accommodations for Herself.

6. We probably will not be taking the chickens with us. Some will head off to Freezer Camp, some (the Angry Muppet, the Rock Star, Cruella, among others) will find other homes.

I think that answers all the questions. Know someone who’s looking for an old house on 4 1/2 acres located in the country (North Alabama, near Athens) with a stocked catfish pond, fruit trees and working well, about half an hour from Redstone Arsenal? Send ’em our way!

(I am mostly kidding about that. We’re not ready to move just yet!)


Webster and Felix like to help fold laundry. First they check out the laundry basket, then they check out the clean laundry…

“In ur laundry, bitin’ ur drawers.”

Felix isn’t sure he matched those socks correctly…


“I ain’t skeered o’ you,” Barnaby tells Squeek.

“I ain’t skeered o’ YOU, neither!” says Squeek.

“Even when you’ve knocked me down and are standing over me all threatening-like, I ain’t skeered!” says Squeek.

“I ain’t skeered of you,” says Bubble.

“Well, you don’t skeer me none, neither!” says Barnaby.

“You got a real skill for knocking down the girl kittens, though,” says Bubble. “It’s impressive!”
“I know it,” says Barnaby.

Barnaby and Bubble, snuggling in the sun.

“We is tryin’ to sleep, you go ‘way now, lady!”


“Take my paw, lady,” says Sheriff Mama (Kara). “It’s nap time!”

“I SAID it’s nap time. You get over here before I write you a ticket.”


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6-13-16 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. Oh, such great news about Regina/Marie!

    Squeek is a doll. Actually, let me re-phrase that – they all are.

    • Seconded — I love that first picture SO much! And, oh, that tiny trio are getting more adorable by the second, as are the big boys.

  2. hahaha…. I was all “awwww” at that first picture of Sheriff Mama and then busted a gut laughing at the last picture and how it turned all serious. She’s adorable.

    You know you don’t owe us any explanations for how you live your life, Robyn, lol… but we appreciate the info. I guess some folks are just really invested in you & Fred and all the kitties, which is kinda creepy, but also kinda nice. πŸ˜€

  3. “In ur laundry, bitin’ ur drawers” BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Tell Fred that’s what he gets for not learning the kitties names! πŸ˜‰

  4. Aww, I love Sheriff Mama and her serious little face! She’s adorable.

    Good luck on the house hunting! I feel you about wanting a house that involves less work. We had a house for about four years, and after three we were all “Nope! Get me in a condo, fast!”

  5. what a happy post! every picture full of love…oh that sheriff mama, I want to join her in that nap…little bossy one…

  6. Update on my foster Binx: Wednesday he weighed 11 oz. Yesterday (pre-dinner) he weighed 1 lb 2.78 ounces! πŸ™‚

    Anyone who lives in the Jacksonville, FL area and is interested in an ADORABLE kitten…let me know. He will be ready in about 1 month+. πŸ™‚

  7. So glad you cleared all of that up Cause I really was expecting you to just chuck it all and run away to somewhere without any animals πŸ˜‰