6-24-19 Monday

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This time last year, the Olympians were going home. That included these two:

That’s gray Tessa and meezer Ohno. Ohno is still Ohno, and Tessa is now Heygo. Their family came all the way from North Carolina to adopt them… and here’s an update!

It’s approaching our one year anniversary of bringing the girls home, so there’s no better time to send a long overdue update. They continue to be the sweetest kitties. No petting session is complete without being covered in drool. A LOT of drool. Ohno is the more considerate one and grooms us while we pet her, usually licking the drool back up. This is not a complaint! I love when she does that lol.

Napping partners.

SKSSDDDC (Same Kid, Same Spot, Diff Day, Diff Cat).

Nap time.

Another funny thing to update you on: The very first night from our trip to bring the kittens home, we found out we were expecting another human kitten of our own. Cue my husband and I blearily staring at each other, realizing how much we were getting outnumbered by babies. But Ohno and Heygo have been great siblings to our two. They play, cuddle, and fiercely snuggle our toddler when she sleeps. You’ll see that in the pics.


Don’t look, Ethel!

Pretty girl.

Ohno has also claimed human kitten two as her own. Though she is often found stealing the baby bottle nipples. We leave decoy ones out for her specifically to play with. It’s hilarious to see her carrying them in her mouth like a pacifier. I tried taking a picture but only captured a blurry one from a distance.

Stealing baby bottle nipples like she do.

Role reversal.

Smuggest smugs that ever smugged.

You’re cute, but I am not changing your diaper.

Anyway, all my rambling aside (zombie mom brain), I just want to let you know how much we love these two. Our house is full but so are our hearts. Ok cheesiness over. Until our next update!

Thank you SO MUCH for the update, Danielle! (Ohno’s bottle nipple thievery is cracking me UP!)


Madeline appears to be concerned that I’m going to pick her up and kiss her. (And indeed I did.)

Up away from the kittens is Margeaux’s favorite place to be.

Antoine the poser.

Jacques would like you to know that the Tiny Basket isn’t as big as it used to be.

Seems plenty big enough for Antoine, though.

Katriane and all those kittens. Left to right: Madeline, Francois, Amelie, Esmee, Jacques & Antoine.

“Can’t a guy snuggle with a stuffed bunny, lady?” (Jacques)

If only Esmee could relax.

I don’t know what Antoine did, but judging by how hard he’s trying to look innocent, it’s something he shouldn’t’ve been doing.

“Who, meeeeee?” Yes, Amelie, YOU.


Everyone is doing great lately. Amelie passed over the 1 pound mark on Saturday, which makes me VERY happy – she was 8 ounces the first time I weighed her, and she bounced back and forth from 8 to 10 ounces and back down again for the first two weeks we had them, which was incredibly frustrating and scary. Now she’s doing great, and she’s no longer even the smallest kitten in the foster room – she outweighs Madeline (who is the smallest) by 3 ounces! Jacques hit 1 1/2 pounds yesterday, so he outweighs them all, but luckily he’s a gentle giant.

Another important milestone passed – everyone is using the litter box 100%, and everything in that regards is looking good, too!


Jake does a quick check to see if the Sheriff is around before he makes his move on that patch of catnip. (And Newt, on his throne, ignores the peasant.)


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