6-27-19 Thursday

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Francois has a think.

Oh, that Jacques. He’s such a cutie.

Madeline makes an excellent pillow.

Those kittens crack me up – they play like crazy and then drop and are out cold. (Esmee)

Pretty Esmee. Doesn’t her face look great?

The meezers are keeping their blue eyes, but Amelie certainly isn’t. Look at that pretty green coming in!

Out cold!

Don’t look at me, Katriane. I didn’t make this happen! (Okay… well, I kinda did, didn’t I?)

Antoine’s hanging out with Auntie Margeaux.

She gives him the ol’ snifferoo.

Then he gets grabby, but she just ignores his sass. She must be in a good mood.


Dewey’s got an attitude.


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