6-27-18 Wednesday

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Weeeeeeee haaaave UPDATES!

First of all, Brian Boitano (now Prince Harry) and Picabo (now Harley Quinn)!

They are settling in, rearranging the house to their liking, and ate a bit more yesterday. Picabo (now Harley Quinn) is still a bit cautious and of course Brian (now Prince Harry) appears very relaxed and extremely curious. (Just as you said!)

Stacia is planning to set up a page for the two kittens, and of course I’ll share the link when it’s up and running.

(Thank you, Stacia!)


Secondly, Ohno and Tessa (now Heygo)!

Thank you for the most amazing kittens I’ve ever met and I’m beyond ecstatic to be their mom. To those who’ve expressed concern, please reassure them from us that we 1000% know that Ohno is the Baybee. Heygo is vying for that title too though. I’m sad we weren’t able to meet you but with our toddler, our trip schedule was a little all over the place to avoid meltdowns. Thank you for all you do in giving these kittens a great start in life and creating the most snuggly muffins. You are the best!

These pics are a combo of first night at hotel on the way home and today.

(Ohno’s face in this picture is just THE SWEETEST!)

(Thank you, Danielle!)


Thirdly (and lastly for the updates today), yesterday when Brittany was petting Kristi (who was purring and arching and kneading), Katia came over to head-butt her! (Kristi, that is. Not Brittany.) This is a huge step forward, especially only a couple of days into the process, and maybe we can look forward to the day when Katia is shouldering her mother out of the way to get some petting of her own!


Eliot might be the troublemaker of the bunch. He’s very fond of jumping on his siblings and biting them on the butt, and then looking confused when they get all screamy.

Bethel, Dexter, and Buxton, hanging out on the ess.

Little Mister Innocent (Kennebunk).

Another shot of Bethel’s gorgeous eyes (and Otis in the background.)

“What doin’, lady?” (Calais)

Buxton has decided that Eliot needs a bath. (And then it devolved into biting, which led to squeals of outrage, of course.)


Did I say we have 8 kittens in the foster room? I meant 9! Okay, it only got up to 9 with the addition of this little muffinhead yesterday.

Meet Arundel.

I think she’s about 7 weeks old. She was (we assume) dumped out in the country, and luckily someone spotted her and got her trapped pretty quickly. She is a timid little thing and isn’t entirely sure of humans, though if you’re able to pick her up, she starts purring pretty quickly. I brought her home and let her out of the carrier, and she skulked around the room.

“What the – ?”

“Where the – ?”

Millinocket spotted her and was all “Ooooh, you’re PURTY!”

“Can’t a girl pee alone?!” (That’s Millinocket, still in looove.)

An hour and a half after I got home with her, I walked in to find this.

Yeah, I think she’s gonna be fine.


I see that our loons are well-tuned, Jake. Good job!


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6-27-18 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. awwww… pretty baby Arundel has lucked into some fabulous siblings and at the perfect time, too!

  2. LOVE, love the Olympian updates and pictures so very much!! So happy for both pairs and their families.

    And so happy for our new miss #9 that she landed in the best place possible!

    Yay to everything in this post :):):)

  3. Aw, hi Arundel! I just love the names these kittens have been given.

    Kenny is just a doll.

    What a handsome picture of Jake!

  4. I am thrilled to hear the good news about Kristi and Katia. I just knew it would just take some time and individual attention for them to come around. I have become attached to them and pray that they will find a forever home!

  5. AAcckkk! I don’t know what is cuter-the updates, the toddler, or the new baybees! Gah you’ve really scored big with this post Robyn!

  6. Stacia,

    Prince Petey would like to wish you and your family a royal congratulations on your adoption of Prince Harry and Harley Quinn. Gus and Andy also offer congrats too from the peasants.

  7. My Jake! *said in a very Avatar kind of way because I can’t help but think that every time he’s featured*

    Oh my, so many flavors of kittens to love! And the new one, how cool that she just settled in!

    Love the updates too!!