6-28-18 Thursday

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Eliot is an Open Mouth of Outrage master. He is outraged VERY often.

Brotherly smooching (left to right: Buxton, Eliot & Kenny.)

OH, that messy little face! (Otis)

Would you care for a cup o’ Calais?

Dexter is just the cutest. (Confession: I say that about every one of these kittens.)

Tiny Basket, Tiny Millie.

Buxton, sound asleep atop the scratcher with some Annoyance Ears going on.

Bethel was holding a grudge because I’d just wiped her down with a damp cloth. If she’d stop laying in the plate of canned food, I wouldn’t have to wipe her down as often!

Buxton likes a good ear rub.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that Kenny’s nickname is “Baby Khal.”

Otis is all “Wahhh! Calais is pickin’ on me!”

OH, that spotted belly! Buxton’s nickname is Buster, because he reminds me SO much of Buster, aka Bolitar, from the Bookworms litter, back in 2010.

Dexter wants to PLAY, and Arundel’s not so sure. She’s been playing with the other kittens, but having a human in the room makes her a bit nervous still. (Every time I go into the room, I pick her up and snuggle her for a few minutes. She always purrs, but then runs off.)

Wahhh! Kenny’s turning out to be the BAYbee. So’s Otis. And Buxton. At this point, I think we may end up with more BAYbees than not in this bunch!

“Who, me? I wasn’t picking on any of the little ones. I’d never!” Suuure, Calais.


When she’s not inspecting the pot of catnip, Alice Mo likes to curl up on her Daddy’s bed and snooze.

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6-28-18 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t see any serial killer in that Dexter. Are you sure he’s Dexter?

    Note: every litter has a baybee. Since you have kitties from multiple litters, of course, you have multiple baybees!

    • I *love* the logic in that explanation for multiple baybees in this cobbled-together litter!

  2. I’m curious about that catnip. How old and how does a single plant survive that many cats and naps on top of it.

  3. How do you always manage to get the cutest, most adorable litters of kittens?? 🙂 Kenny and Buxton are particularly adorable! I had such a lousy morning (anxiety attack), then I saw those beautiful little faces and I feel so much better now.

  4. I think Dexter and Kenny (how do you think Khal Sr. would react to a little mini-me? oh that would be so cool) should have their own sitcom. Otis can be their goofy neighbour, always raiding their fridge. Does Otis have an orange ring around his mouth, or is that him just being a little piggy?

    Oh, and the “Buxton, sound asleep atop the scratcher…” picture? I’m done. For the day. I have now seen all there is to see, and I am content.

    Hi Alice!

  5. I think I have a favorite, till I see the next picture….ugh…they are all so cute. BUT…I will start with Eliot and Kenny. squeeeeee….

  6. “Alice Mo the calico sure does… uh heh yeah, somethin’ wow that nip was premo stuff.. wait, I got it, sure does love that nip-o? no wait.. hee hee, I’ll think of it, yeah.. Oh! Dad-dad-daddy-o! Is that it? oh man I’m so wasted.. Whatever, all I know is I love the nip and my daddy, yo. And goodnight. yo.” says the soon to be in rehab calico!

    Such a size difference in these kittens! a true variety pack of fluff! and Kahl has a mini-me!