6-26-18 Tuesday

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Innernets, please say hello to…

The large tortie girl is Calais.

The gray tabby girl is Bethel.

The little tortie girl is Millinocket (Millie).

The kitten gray and white boy is Eliot.

The brown tabby & white boy is Buxton.

The floofy black boy is Kennebunk (Kenny).

The floofy ornj boy is Dexter.

The floofy white and gray boy is Otis.

They are named after towns in Maine, and thus will be referred to collectively as The Mainers.

You should get used to Otis always having food on his face, because no matter how often I clean his little face, 10 minutes later he’s a mess again. I’m mostly washing his face with a damp cloth, but he’ll probably get baths when it gets too bad.

Bethel has gorgeous eyes, doesn’t she? (No, they won’t stay that color.)

Eliot tried on his Stranger Danger floof.

Bethel and Calais, tussling. Bethel starts 75% of the fights, and then gets irate and screamy when Calais gets the upper paw.

Dexter likes to snuggle up to this stuffed kitty.

Bethel and Calais playing, while Otis naps.

Buxton and Eliot, asleep in my lap. Awww.


Kara takes a break from patrolling the back yard to do a little yoga.


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6-26-18 Tuesday — 19 Comments

  1. Maine names! cool! growing up here in Nova Scotia, we’d get Maine stations on tv so I know the town names well!
    new babie are cute too.

  2. Oh those babies! I love the names. Was hoping one would be Kennebunk! Have to warn you though, that little Eliot might be trouble. I had an Elliott and he was a hellion! I predict Buxton is Da Baybee and your fav LOL

      • You may be right! Otis with the messy face – adorable! I was just thinking of the pics of Buxton sitting on Robyn’s shoulder being impossibly cute.

  3. Love the names! I recognized what you were doing instantly. Though I’ve never heard of Eliot or Otis.

  4. Oh my…right now I have too many favorites! Eliot’s teef killed me deed.
    Kara, excellent form on your down kitty.

  5. I love the names! I did crack up at the name Kennebunk. A few months ago my husband and I were watching the local news when the anchor attempted to say the name Kennebunkport. It came out “Kennyborkbork”. We rewound it so many times because we were laughing so hard. She went full on Swedish Chef. We still say that to each other if we want the other to lose it. So, when the inevitable silly kitten nicknames start, I’d like to humbly suggest Kennyborkbork.

  6. Those are fantastic names! Kenny and Dexter in particular are great names for kittens… Would you look at those little faces! They are all such little sweethearts. Are there any more Olympian pictures left?!!

    I’m glad to see the kitten room getting so much good use, although Kara looks like she’s getting ready to ticket you for a whole whack o’ violations.

  7. Oh! These dear little floofs are so adorable and I know that they couldn’t be in better hands.

  8. Are you pronouncing “Calais” a la Maine — “Callis”?

    One of these days you’ll have to name kittens after Massachusetts towns like Peabody, Dorchester, Worcester, Framingham, Haverhill, Methuen, and Woburn.

    Then you can have a mispronunciation contest! Match the townies, the kitties get prizes!

  9. For a second I thought you were going to call this batch The Lobsters. Too adorable these little faces!