6-25-18 Monday

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So in case you missed it over the weekend, this is the status on all of the Olympians – kittens and mamas.

Katarina and Deanzilla have been in their forever home nearly two months now, and you can see them regularly over at Instagram.

Oksana and Torvill have NOT been adopted – they are currently at Petsmart. (On a side note, we had a brief hour of hope when some older family members thought they’d be interested in adopting them, so we met them at Petsmart. They ultimately decided against adopting the kittens (it’s only been a few weeks since they lost their cat, and they’re not really ready yet), but on the up side I got to spend time with Oksana and Torvill and see how they were doing. They were scared when I left them there Thursday, but by Friday afternoon they were just hanging out in their cage chilling, and were happy to come out and snuggle and play.)

Picabo and Brian Boitano were adopted Saturday afternoon, and got to ride home to Michigan in style. The trip home was uneventful and they’re settling in.

A few hours later, Ohno and Tessa were adopted, and went home to North Carolina. I had hoped to meet the adopters, but needed to get home, so didn’t get a chance.

When I went to Michelle’s to drop off the to-be-adopted kittens, I brought Debi and Scott as well. They’ll head to Petsmart soon.

I ALSO brought Kristi and Katia with me. They are living there for now, and will be undergoing Kitty Boot Camp in hopes of convincing Katia that humans aren’t so bad. When I asked Saturday night, I learned that Kristi was purring and happy being petted, and Katia was hissing. At the moment they’re in a crate together, but they won’t be there for long. I will, of course, update y’all when I can.

Here are the rest of the kitten pics I took. They insisted on being particularly adorable and sweet all day Friday and Saturday morning, of COURSE.

Ohno assured me that, yes. She IS still da BAYbee.

Debi was like “You gonna come pet me, or what?”

Picabo from above.

Kristi put up with this for about 20 seconds before she got up and walked away.

Picabo’s face just kills me dead. She’s all “THIS one.”

Picabo and Brian Boitano, napping.

Ohno and Debi, doing the same.

Brian Boitano discovered that he could get up to the sink, and was impressed by himself.

It takes a big tub to contain all those toes, y’know.

Laying down because hauling those toes around ain’t an easy job.

Ohno and Debi, hanging out with big sister Katia in her lair.

All six muffinheads.


Saying goodbye to the kittens wasn’t easy – it never is – but 351 cats and kittens into this fostering experience, I’ve learned that although saying goodbye hurts, it’s also wonderful to see them go off to great homes (especially in pairs!)

The philosopher Betty White once said (I’m paraphrasing) “The best way to get over a litter is to get under a new one.”

Meet our new cobbled-together litter. They’re not named yet, but I have a naming theme and names, I just need to figure out which name belongs to which kitten.

Small tortie is a girl.

Gray kitten (up against me) is a girl.

Big tortie is a girl.

Gray and white kitten is a boy.

Ornj floofy is a boy.

White and gray floofy is a boy.

Floofy black is a boy.

Brown tabby and white is a boy.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 girls and 5 boys. Until Saturday, most of the kittens were at the Athens Limestone animal shelter, which has been flooded with kittens recently (most of the area shelters have, and if you’re in the area and interested in fostering, now’s the time to do it. For that matter, if you’re anywhere in the south and willing to foster, I just about guarantee that there’s a shelter near you that needs help).

The big tortie and the all-gray girl (who are not related to each other) have been in foster for a couple of weeks, waiting for my room to empty out. The Love & Hisses foster room gets hangry if it’s not stuffed full of kittens, so Brittany pulled more kittens from the shelter. If I recall correctly, the floofy kittens are from one litter and the others are from another – but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. They’re already playing together, so as far as they’re concerned, they’re one big litter. They appear to be 4 – 5 weeks old (the big tortie is probably closer to 6 weeks), and are eating on their own and have the hang of the litter box. What they’re leaving in the litter box doesn’t look all that great and naaaaturally they’re tromping through it, but I started dewormer yesterday, so hopefully things will clear up soon. For now, that room is a hot mess, and I’ve been taking a wet rag into the room with me every time to wipe down whoever needs it, and gave a full-on bath yesterday. The ones who came from the shelter are skinny and need fattening up, which we’re working on. Luckily, they’re good eaters.

I’ll introduce them properly, with names, tomorrow.


Maxi, extremely pleased with herself.


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6-25-18 Monday — 22 Comments

  1. I KNEW there was a reason the kitten room was emptied!! The newbies are adorable. And I’m so thrilled the Olympian Mamas are going through Kitty Boot Camp to give them a great shot at a lovely indoors life.

  2. New babies! When I get back from camping my yearlong babysat cat goes home, to his momma. I expect kittens will follow. I am the designated hard acae person so my summer will be busy. But, right now, I’m jealous.

  3. Little mister floofy black’s expression is making me laugh — in the best way, of course! He looks like he’ll be the one to let you know everything he thinks, and at top volume. I adore him already.

  4. Yay! for all the adoptions. Somebody(s) need to snatch up the remaining pairs pronto. And that includes Kristi and Katia Night Fury over there. I still have a gigantic soft spot for Ms. Purring Tortie Talkerness who is so very not feral, even if her daughter is. I *knew* she’d turn into a purrball! As I said on twitter, I’d probably tick off Katia by trying to pet her, but I would happily scritch and pet and cuddle Kristi up a storm. Also keep Kristi (and Katia, as no splitting up that pair), but again, my likelihood of ticking off Katia is high, especially when factoring in the typical cat cohabitation while blind maneuver of ‘I hear somebody walking around, there’s a kitty over here, who’s that–ouch!’ situations. Aaaand I’m in Wisconsin. Rats! I do love sweet Ms. Kristi Dilute Tortieness, though.

    Eeeeeeee newbies! Patchwork newbies? <3!

    • ^LOL, you beat me to it! I soooo wanted to make a comment about that tub 🙂

      • Lots of pretty and cute kitties to look at but for me, the obvious highlight was the unveiling of the tub.

  5. Katarina and Dean’s instagram is great!!

    Oh it hurts to see the Olympians go, but of course they must! It was the best Olympics ever!!

    New babies!!!! Well they are adorable, for sure. Welcome, new little ones…

  6. Best wishes to the babies at PetSmart – I am sure they will find a family soon. Who could resist all that sweetness. Love those Tortie girls – I have named them Tortilla and Taquito hint, hint

  7. Ah, the brown and white tabby pic (the last one above) is just sooo adorable!!

  8. I agree that it is sad to see the Olympians go off but it is great that some of them are going together. However, YAY! for new babies! I think they all look like they are going to be handfuls. Many of them remind me of previous (Stompers, Puff, and others). I can’t wait for the names.

  9. I can’t get over how quickly time flew by for our little Olympians! I’d never get tired of looking at their sweet pictures.

    But, look at the variety pack you know have in residence! Gotta say, floofy ornj and floofy black look like a handful…

  10. I love this cobbled-together litter! Such a bunch of cuties!

    So – did the out-of-state folks who adopted Ohno and Tessa and Picabo and BB come especially to adopt them, or did they just happen to come across adorable kittens while on vacation?

    • Oooh, I didn’t notice that, but you have to name one Bangor in honor of the Bangor, Maine, Police Department’s world-famous Facebook page and Duck of Justice!

  11. I was going to say that is a LOT of kittens…then realized it was actually less than the last crew. 🙂

    Poor Maxi…it seems moving has been very stressful

  12. I think this bunch has a bit of ‘tude already! The first grey and white one’s face! LOL