6-22-18 Friday

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I seem to have missed news about where the mamas went.

They haven’t gone anywhere, they’re still in the foster room – I just didn’t get any good pictures of them this week so they haven’t been represented as much.


On a side note, how’s Frankie’s mouth? Hope that he’s doing well and putting on weight.

He was on Atopica twice a week, and then recently yelped a few times while eating. Fred upped his dosage to three times a week, and that seems to have fixed the problem. Weight-wise, he’s fine – he’s not a big cat anyway, and he’s certainly not skin and bones. I’d say he’s just right!


2012 Robyn did the best posting! Not that 2018 Robyn is bad or anything, but I hope the 2012 post is in the bestest ones because that little Stompers was something else. Plus Brandywine was such a good mama.

I just love seeing those Stompers posts! You know who kind of reminds me of Stompers? Scott, that’s who. I think it’s his eyes.


I don’t know how you could be away for 10 days and not just pick up a random cat off the street and squoosh him/her until the marshmallow floof just popped out, just to get your fix in.

My sister has a cat who let me pet her, kiss her, and feed her treats, so I did have SOME cat interaction – though I think Punki (who is 14) would take it quite personally if I tried to pick her up and squeeze her.


I randomly got this post and cracked up the second I saw Mercury.

I love those Job Descriptions; it was fun to re-read it all! Oddly enough, there was no “DA BAYBEE” in that litter!

I really did intend to do that for this litter, but time got away from me!


“My wife went on vacation and all I got was a hurricane of @ssholes.”



Did something happen to that sweet little gray kitty from the Carolina litter – Charlotte – so she had to be returned? And what of the little Siamese from Belle’s litter that she was adopted with, Lumiere – does he need a new home too?

Charlotte was returned last week due to health issues; Lumiere (now Buck, I think) is still with the adopters. When I get back, I plan to go up to Challenger’s House to see her and also see Wellington (foster from the ‘Maters litter in 2012 was also recently returned). Oh how I hate returns (while also being grateful that Challenger’s House and Forgotten Felines will always take their cats back)!


Katia can’t believe I haven’t posted any mama pics in a few days. How RUDE I am.

Oksana shows off her fabulous whiskers.

She is SUCH a pretty girl.

Ohno and Debi are having a private conversation and I am INTERRUPTING, which they do not appreciate.

Brian Boitano on the ess.

By the way, Random Felines asked me a few weeks (months?) ago what Fred’s nicknames for the kittens are. Except for Brian Boitano, he usually just refers to them by description (“That cool little black one” (Debi), “That dark meezer” (Picabo), etc.) Brian Boitano, however, has the nickname of Timmy Forty Toes, which I shortened to Timmy Toes.

Oksana hangin’ with mama.

“What doin’, lady?” wonders Picabo.

Oh, these two. LORD do I hope they get adopted soon!

“How YOU doin’?”

Tessa’s ears seem to be getting bigger with each passing day.

Torvill needs a kiss.

Pretty mama Kristi.

Oksana shows off her fabulous belly.

Sweet boy Scott.

Ohno at nap time. And yes, she fell asleep and stayed asleep like this.

So I took Oksana and Torvill to Petsmart late yesterday morning and got them all set up. They were nervous and scared, and just like always I strongly considered bringing them back home with me. But they won’t get adopted sitting in my house, obviously, so hopefully they’ll relax after a day or two. I’m glad that they have each other, at least.


Video! I was just making a video of random foster room shenanigans because the kittens were racing around like crazy, and then Katia started PLAYING. I know she plays (I’ve seen it on the camera), but this is the first time she did it in front of me and I loved seeing it. (Note: I asked Fred if he had put the toilet seat down because I could hear kittens running around in the bathroom and I was afraid they’d go swimming. He hadn’t put it down, but they didn’t go swimming, so it was all good!)

YouTube link


Sweet boy Newt.


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6-22-18 Friday — 12 Comments

  1. Some of those kittens are just about as big as Katia….and her playing….made my heart all warm and glowy!

    I was glad to see Torvill/Debbie (couldn’t tell), put the corner of that rug down! That would have been a trip hazard and you could have be sued! 😉

    Prayers for quick and forever adoption for those two.

    Prayer for all the returned kitties to find their forever families. I just can’t imagine giving up your furbabies…and after 5 + years. I pray they adjust quickly and aren’t scared.

    • By all reports, Wellington has become the room greeter, and Charlotte is starting to come out of her shell.

  2. Oh how I love Katia. Wonderful to see her playing like that. Reminded me of when our April wanted to play with her kittens, but the kittens were so focused on whatever they were doing they weren’t interested in momma’s games, so she had to go find something to play with by herself.

  3. Woww, congrats on Katia feeling comfortable enough to play in front of you!

  4. I just love me some Newties…

    It looks as though Oksana (in the “Oksana shows off her fabulous belly” picture) is contemplating the meaning of life, the way she has her paw up next to her chin, and staring off into the distance.

    • You’re definitely not the only one – I have a hard time telling them apart in videos and pictures (though I have no problem telling them apart in person!)

  5. Is Picabo a little cross-eyed? Or is it just the camera angles. She is stunning with how dark she got.