6-22-16 Wednesday

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Andrea is having an Insta-Auction to benefit Winnie’s Wish. It’s very cool – go check it out, and bid like crazy. It’s for a great cause!!


Jake and Felix – Fred got out the feather teaser, and Jake knew exactly what was going on. Felix just wanted to know why Jake went all loony.

Alice is also a feather teaser fan – but she’s not a kitten fan. If looks could kill, Felix would be GONE. The instant after I took this picture, she went all WHAP-WHAP-WHAP upside his head, and then retreated to the couch.

Webster finally realized something was going on, and joined in the fun. I have no idea why his tail was semi-poofed.

Webster went after the teaser, and then hung on the back of the couch, which earned him some slaps from Alice.

Then Felix began to fly. I love the look on Webster’s face, he’s all “How’s he DOING that?!”

Felix heads for the ground, all “How’m I DOING this?!”

Felix, continuing to fly.

This would be the perfect picture if the camera had been aimed just a tiny bit higher.

Webster’s turn to fly.

And he lands.

So much focus on those little faces!


We keep our extra towels under the washstand, and it is impossible to keep the doors closed, because the cats have figured out how to open them. I love the defiant look on Newt’s face. “What? Lady, if not meant for kitties, why it made of comfort?”


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6-22-16 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. My Red cat was meowing loudly for several hours (he thinks he needs out after dark) last night. I was very exhausted and finally decided to put him in the front garage that is attached to the house. I woke up a couple of hours later – he was lying beside me in the bed! Little sneek has learned how to open the storm door between the house and garage!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the auction plug!! More items will be added around the weekends!

    I love me some flying kittens! And that little stub of a tail, oh my gosh! Cutest nubbin ever!

    Newt knows, cats go where cats want!

  3. Newt’s spot is perfect. He can’t be ambushed, it is private, cozy and has plenty of cushion. Smart boy!

  4. Great pics today. As usual. I love flying kitty pics. I would suggest baby locks for the cabinet but then where’s the fun in that. Nothing is more delightful than putting your wet face in a towel out of the closet/cabinet and getting a face full of fur. Happens here all the time. When we have guests I take the towels and blankets and sheets they will use and wash them again to get rid of the fur. It is impossible but I try. Luckily most of our friends are animals folks and are just trading their fur lined linens for ours for a night.

    • At least it’s only the top towels that get the worst of it! I used to hang our towels out on the line to dry after washing (because they’re so much more absorbent) but had to stop doing that when I realized that the dryer gets cat fur off much better than the slight breeze outside does.

  5. Felix and his nub tail reminds me so much of my cat, Bobcat. Grey tabby with a nub tail. He was born in a horse barn, and I enticed him and his one litter mate with treats, eventually adopting him and the momcat. He had the sweetest personality, very lovable. Sometimes I called him the Bobster. Lost him a few years ago due to age-related issues. LOVE those flying kitteh pix!

  6. I’ll add my vote for flying kitty pics. I have one who flys, and at 11+ pounds, it’s amazing to watch.

  7. Of all the cats that come into your life, what is it in particular that makes you and/or Fred want to keep one as a permanent resident?