6-21-18 Thursday

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Yesterday’s spays and neuters went just fine, and we arrived back home mid-afternoon with no problems. The kittens were a bit quiet and stayed quiet all night. I expect that this morning they’ll be racing around like nothing ever happened.

Oh and look: it’s Thlurrrpsday, as celebrated by Tessa.

And Brian Boitano.

Annnd Debi.

Tessa’s got on her Ears of Annoyance.

As does Picabo, because why not?

Torvill’s just got him some crazy eyes.

7 of the 8 kittens (Debi was off elsewhere.)

Debi caught sight of this picture hanging over my bed, and became fascinated by the seagull. Fascinated to the point that I had to distract her because I was worried she’d fling herself at the picture to get the seagull.

Oksana makes herself comfy.

Smilin’ Brian Boitano.

“Come here, Debi, and gimme a HUG!”

Oksana gave that picture the ol’ once-over and decided it wasn’t worth pursuing.

And then thwarted Scott’s surprise attack.

“Hmph!” said Scott.

Ohno takes a lonnng soak while Oksana waits impatiently for her turn in the tub.

“Can’t a girl get any privacy?!”

Headed to Petsmart later today: Torvill and Oksana. Wish them luck! (And if you’re in the Huntsville area and are looking for two total sweethearts, they’ll be at Jones Valley Petsmart. Stop by and give ’em a look!)


Video! Kittens being goobers – racing, chasing, and hopping.

YouTube link


So much attitude from the floofy one.


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6-21-18 Thursday — 24 Comments

  1. I love the shot of Debi and the seagull pic. Reminds me of a time I was watching a documentary on black crows with my cats (as you do), and when they flew off into the distance, one of them hopped up on the tv stand and went behind the flat screen to see where the birds went.

  2. And then thwarted Scott’s surprise attack. – What perfect timing to click the shutter!

    I cannot believe Oksana and Torvill are not adopted. The universe must be out of alignment!

    That video – what a bunch of crazy babies having a blast! I love the white tip on Ohno’s tail.

  3. After what I’ve been through the last 11 days, I really need some kitten therapy. I just might have to contact a rescue up here in WI. Loss is hard. 4x loss is unbarable. RIP Aunt Colleen, Cousin Lisa, Goddaughter Emma and sweet Alex.

  4. I suspect Torvill and Oksana will not be at Petsmart long. How could anyone possibly resist those sweet faces?!

    Love seeing Khal Drogo!

  5. Oh, gosh! I just saw that Dennis’s “homecoming” was 4 years ago today. My favorite post of all time – and now I’m sitting at my desk crying.

  6. It’s breaking my heart that Torvill and Oksana weren’t directly adopted. I was so holding out hope for that for those two cuties. Hope they are adopted as a pair and quickly!! Also hoping Scott and Debi’s people are adopting them as a pair and will be stepping up soon!!