6-20-18 Wednesday

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Picabo is turning into such a stunner!

“SPEAKING OF STUNNING – look at these toes!”

“They’re somethin’, ain’t they?”

Oksana checks out the situation.

She is such a pretty little floofball.

Tessa shows off her stripes.

Little posers.


Debi hanging out with her nephewunclecousinbrotherfriend Torvill.

“Is it okay for me to be up here?” wonders Scott the worrier.

Bath time for Ohno.

A double piece of Torvill pie is just the thing we ALL need, isn’t it?

Kristi’s kittens are off to be spayed and neutered today! I bet it’s going to be some kind of quiet in the kitten room today with just Kristi, Katia, Torvill and Oksana in there.

This means that it’ll just be a few more days ’til Ohno and Tessa (together) and Picabo and Brian Boitano (together) will be headed off to their forever homes. Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that Katia and Kristi came to us? Time flies! Oksana and Torvill have had no interest (well, they did have interest, but it didn’t work out), so they will be headed off to Petsmart in a few days; Scott and Debi will likely be not far behind them.


Video! Various hijinks in (and out of) the foster room.

YouTube link


“THIS IS SOME EXCELLENT CATNIP!” Frankie announces, as Archie looks on.


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6-20-18 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. The video is priceless. What a wonderful, goofy, adorable, crazy bunch of kitties.

  2. Awesome video! I love the little “Risky Business” slide there from the black kitten in the middle of the vid. 🙂

    • I saw that too. Would be hilarious to use the same music of that movie to that spectacular slide by the kitteh!

      Gonna miss these little monkey shenanigans when they are all gone!

    • YES, I thought the same exact thing. I even went back to see the time to post about it myself but you beat me to it.

  3. They just fling themselves about with abandon, don’t they? And they’re SO LANKY now! Time (and kittens!) flies, for sure.

  4. Oksana’s little front paws look like she’s sporting sandals.

    Lol, Frankie…

  5. On a side note, how’s Frankie’s mouth? Hope that he’s doing well and putting on weight.