6-19-18 Tuesday

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Look who it is! It’s Stardust, getting a bath from Amber (formerly Ambercup.)

Post-bath attitude.

I love that they’re getting along so well – and I also love it that Amber and Stardust look so much alike. They could practically be blood relations except for that whole thing where they aren’t. (Their sister Phoenix, you might recall, is from the same litter as Stardust.)

And here we have Amber chilling.

Don’t you wish she could relax just a little?

(Thanks, Debra!)


Picabo from above.

Brian Boitano from above.

Scott from above. With the two pictures close to each other like this, you can see the difference in their faces – Scott’s face is wider.)

Debi from above.

Oksana from above.

Torvill from above (with Tessa, Debi and Picabo getting in the picture.)

Ohno from above.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, Tessa from above.

It’s feather teaser time!

All 8 kittens from above. OH, those sweet faces.

Maybe the kittens did miss me a little while I was gone. They were friendly before, but now they’re even more so. Ohno especially wants to be held, and when I pick her up she twists her body so that she’s facing me. It’s too sweet. If I walk toward my room while the kittens are out, Torvill will race in front of me and jump up on the cat tree so that I’ll pet him (not that I won’t pet him when he’s on the ground, but apparently he wants to make it easier for me.) Debi will jump up on the bed and when I walk over, she stands up on her back feet and stretches up against me so that I’ll pick her up.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but it took Scott a long time to get interested in food. He preferred to get his nutrition from the milk bar, and while he was on the skinny side, he wasn’t skin and bones, so I didn’t worry. Right around the time they turned 11 weeks (they’re 13 weeks now), he finally discovered the bowls of food and I’d see him eating more and more often. He’s gone from a skinny little guy to a guy with a round belly. Also, if I’ve never mentioned it (by which I mean “I know I’ve mentioned this 75 times before, but I’m mentioning it again), he has the SOFTEST, silkiest fur. These kittens are just killing me with how sweet they are. I have no idea how I haven’t squooshed them all ’til the marshmallow fluff leaks out their ears.


Stefan, Jake, Dewey and Frankie are having a meeting about the best way to catch that dastardly chipmunk who lives in the rock wall; it’s not going well.


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6-19-18 Tuesday — 8 Comments

  1. You have to leave at least a minimal amount of marshmallow floof in there for operational systems. Plus their new families might want to do some squooshing, too.

  2. I don’t know how you could be away for 10 days and not just pick up a random cat off the street and squoosh him/her until the marshmallow floof just popped out, just to get your fix in.

  3. So sweet about the kittens… Friendly little fluffernutters!

    Adorable, all of them.

    Aww… Coltrane, 2011 🙁

    Baby Stompers is the best!!!

  4. 2012 Robyn did the best posting! Not that 2018 Robyn is bad or anything, but I hope the 2012 post is in the bestest ones because that little Stompers was something else. Plus Brandywine was such a good mama.

  5. Late posting but I adore foster updates. Love seeing those girls smug and cuddling