6-18-18 Monday

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Home again, home again! I got home from Maine yesterday afternoon, but my bag didn’t.

You can imagine how happy I am about this. Hopefully they’ll get it to me soon. At least it happened on my way home – where all my stuff is – rather than on the way to Maine. I was in Maine for 10 days, and the time just FLEW by. Lots of spending time with family, lots of road trips – just lots of fun. I didn’t get to go to Maine last summer, since the house was on the market, so it was good to get there – even though it was collld. (Okay, cold to ME. My friend Liz gave me a hard time for wearing wool socks when it was 75 degrees out, but what can I say? I’m always cold!)

When I got home yesterday, one of the first things I did was go upstairs to see what the kittens would do. What the kittens did was say “Oh hi, lady. Is it snack time yet?” None of them seemed to have even noticed that I was gone, and they were all completely friendly. I’m glad they weren’t sad and missing me, I SUPPOSE, but they could have faked it a little. Brats.

“Hi lady!” (Ohno)

Sleepy girls. (Oksana and Tessa)

Debi is a LAYDEE, as you can see by her neatly crossed paws.

Brian Boitano in the hammock in my room. He loves this thing.

Little slackers.

Wahhhh! She’s da BAYbee!

Debi shows off her stripes… and her need for a nail trim!

Picabo from above.

I am typing to you from the great beyond because I am DEAD. You will be seeing this on Instagram because I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH. That’s Torvill and Oksana who are somehow STILL not spoken for.


Picabo on the cat tree, feelin’ judgey.

Tessa, Scott and Picabo, on the cat tree.

Oksana on the TOP of the cat tree.

All 8 kittens.

And all of them except Oksana (who couldn’t be bothered to come over and join the group).


I don’t know where Archie’s going, but he certainly appears to be ANNOYED by it.


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6-18-18 Monday — 19 Comments

  1. Welcome back! I hope y’all aren’t going to have 100 degree days this week like we are. That will be a shock to your now chilled system! Maybe your luggage will bring the cool weather back with it when it returns. 😉

  2. We are soooo glad you are back…because it has been 10 looooooong days without you! Glad you had fun and got to see everyone – and that truly sucks about your bag. I am from Florida…and 75 is perfect weather to me!

    I cannot believe Torvill and Oksana haven’t been spoken for. They are so beautiful!

    I think Archie’s looks totally focused on something!!! Don’t you just wish you could read their minds??!!

  3. Glad to read you had a good trip! Welcome home! I hope the Permies were more enthused to see you than the babies/Mamas seem to have been. It’s so nice to see their little muffin faces…

    And a bonus picture of Mr. Man Archie, doing his best crabby Archie Bunker impression.

  4. Welcome back Robyn! WEEEE missed you! 75 would be perfect for me. I keep the CA set at 73. SC Amy-I am coming to visit SC soon, I hope to have nice weather (NOT 100 temps) when I get there. So order that up please and I will as well and maybe if enough ppl do it will be so.

    • We actually keep the house at 75 during the day (72 at night), but I feel like the a/c set to 75 isn’t as cold as the world set to 75, for some reason.

  5. I want Oksana SO BAD. But shipping a kitteh is just not something I want to do. It’s a damn good thing you aren’t local. I would have a kitten from each litter!

  6. You shoulda been here on June 4. We actually ran the furnace, it was that cold. And we live in Maine.