6-21-17 Wednesday

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Nearly two years ago, we had a litter of bottle babies we called the Squash Bugs. That was during our Summer of Bottle Babies when every time we got one set weaned, another one showed up desperately needing a place to go.

One of the Squash Bugs was this sad little muffin, whom I am SURE y’all will recognize.

Pattypan had to have one of her legs wrapped up because she had an abscess and had to have hot compresses on it several times a day, had to have ointment on it, and then we had to wrap it in gauze and then in that self-sticking bandage stuff, and in retrospect I think “We did what in the who now?” because it was an awful lot of work. It probably only lasted a couple of weeks, but at the time it seemed like we were dealing with it for months. Just when I thought it was never going to get better, it all of a sudden did. And that sweet girl just put up with our messing with her wee little leg with the utmost patience and only a little complaining.

That girl was adopted immediately by the very family who had discovered the litter, and she’s now Peanut. And look at her now!

Kim said: Look how big she has gotten. Loves to sit like this. She is such a good cat. She is so spoiled. I don’t know what we would do without her.

Here is one more of her sleeping sitting straight up.

Hasn’t she grown into the most gorgeous girl? I love seeing her so spoiled and happy! Thank you so much for the update and pictures, Kim – and give that girl kisses from all of us.


Trying to get a decent picture of that amazing tail, and Nola isn’t cooperating.

She is just the sweetest and prettiest girl.

This sequence of pictures cracked me up. Praline on the left, Roux on the right.

Yawns really are catching!

Frankie flopped down next to me, and Roux came to investigate.

Frankie squeaked at her, and Roux popped quickly into the nearest phone booth and donned her Floof Suit.
“SIR, I DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR TONE,” she stated calmly.

Then Frankie had to go check out the food situation, and Roux went to snoopervise.

FYI, Frankie continues to do well. He’s yelped a few times while eating or yawning, but it was a pretty extensive surgery, and I believe he’s still healing.


Sunshine makes that boy even loonier, if that’s possible.


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6-21-17 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Oh that sweet little Pattypan – melter of hearts! She is a voluptuous girl, now! 🙂

    Picture sequence – thank you for the morning laugh.

    Poor Frankie, however, I am happy to hear that he is on the mend. I mean, how would anyone feel having that many teeth pulled at once? Just think about it. Egads. Forehead kisses sent his way.

  2. Roux: “OMG OMG that is SO FUNNY did you SEE THAT?”
    Praline: ?
    Praline: ??
    Praline: “OH yesyesyes I see it haha!” (whether she does or not)

  3. omg… “wee” Pattypan-Peanut is so gorgeous! love those kitty toes so much!

  4. Aaahhhh,sweet Pattypan/Peanut, one of my greatest L&H crushes! Be still, my heart!

  5. Pattypan/Peanut of the wee boo-boo leg!!! I love to see the really tiny ones grow into such beautiful adults!

    Roux and her floof suit… I secretly think she is trying to grow her coat out like her more fluffy siblings by staying in floof-mode! 😉

  6. While I adore updates for fomer fosters, I think Peanut looks slightly annoyed at us. Like we’re some vulgar papperazzi interupting her toilette. Or catching Her Majesty while she’s eating something.

    Takes a lot of pampering to look that smug! Now let’s leave her before she tells us how un-amused she is by our antics.

  7. I’m so glad to hear that sweet Frankie is starting to feel better! Well, at least well enough to scarf back some kitten food and make little girl kitties cry.

    How could anyone forget Pattypan/Peanut! What a little doll she was, and still is.

  8. That Peanut does not look so much like a peanut to me, but she is gorgeous.
    The sequence of Praline and Roux is hilarious.

  9. So great to see a Crooked Acres graduate to happy, at home, and adored. Today is the usual bonanza of fun, and I’m glad Frankie is mostly comfortable and enjoying the fosters and food (his and theirs). Jake is my role model. Always.