6-22-17 Crooked Acres Thursday

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Crooked Acres Thursday.

Tell me what you guys want to see around Crooked Acres – I need to get out and about with the camera more often, and if I know what you want to see, I’ll remember to snap pictures of it.

Rooster and some of his wimminfolk.

I wish I’d thought to get a picture of the catfish at feeding time. I’ll try to remember that for next time!

Ducks. Fred told me the other day that the girl duck gone broody and is sitting on a clutch of eggs. (No, we are not going to have baby ducks, cute as they might be.)

Cruella. She is the last of our “fancy” chickens (she’s a White-Crested Black Polish hen); the Angry Muppet died a few months ago, and we think a hawk got the Rock Star.

Broody hen. Fred informs me that this one can be mean when you reach under her; he’s got quite a few injuries from her. You go, Mama Hen! (No, we’re not going to let her hatch eggs either.)

Rose of Sharon bushes. You can’t tell from this picture, but they’re covered in blooms (especially the one on the right), and really pretty.

Front flower bed to the right of the steps. The Hydrangeas are so pretty right now.

Pretty, pretty.

The hydrangeas in the left front flower bed. Pretty!

We planted this oak leaf Hydrangea a zillion years ago and it’s slowly getting bigger and spreading and especially happy this year.


I know we shouldn’t feed the squirrels, they’re nasty, nasty rodents, but MAN are they cute. (And strictly speaking, that bird feeder is meant for the birds, not the squirrels. And the peanuts are meant for the Blue Jays. Not that the squirrels care who they’re MEANT for.)

They’re such little acrobats.

I swear he was napping before he heard me at the door. Because, why not? Looks comfy!


In case you wondered whether birds like cheap cat food.

Creepy crawly section coming up (but only a few pictures – and none of them are spiders). Scroll fast to the next section if you’d prefer to miss ’em!

I’ll put a little space here.

And here.

Annnd here.

Little more?

Liiiiittle more.

Good enough?

Good enough!

Cicada. These things are just so hideous and look like they came from the depths of hell, but they won’t hurt you, they just look ugly. How many cicadas have I scooped up over the years and tossed back outside? About a million. The cats pick them up in the yard and bring them inside to play with; Dewey did it just yesterday. I think they like the way the cicadas buzz in their mouths.

A cluster of freshly hatched assassin bugs.

Assassin babies, close up. These bugs are the freakin’ CUTEST. It’s too bad they grow up so ugly. (But they eat flies, so they’re always welcome in my… well, not IN my house, but around my house. I understand their bite can be painful, so I always take them outside when I see them in the house.)

Okay, that’s it for the creepy crawlies. I did say there’d only be a few. I feel like I haven’t seen as many spiders lately. Maybe I need to go looking for them!

Let’s put a little space

for the easily freaked out people

who are freaked out easily

by creepy crawly things.


Oh, Little Miss Innocent, no one’s fooled by those big ol’ eyes! (Praline)

Flirty Roux.

That toy gives her the Crazy Eyes.

::thlurrrp!:: Praline, with Nola in the background.

Bath time for Praline.

Nola goes for the stretch…

And the belly flop!


Video! I shot this over the weekend (when Andouille was still here, obviously) – Roux has a favorite toy, the toy made out of dog fur, and she’s not sharing!

YouTube link



YouTube link


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6-22-17 Crooked Acres Thursday — 20 Comments

  1. I love seeing the different plants around your home. And Alice is my favorite Permanent Resident, so it was nice to see her. Have you and Fred been scouting new homes?

  2. Look how Roux pops up out the box with her “toy” in her mouth. So, so cute.

  3. Praline and Jessica could be twins. When I saw the first picture I thought it was a picture of Jessie.

    Robyn, Which video editing software do you use? We have several videos of Andre and Bella we want to post, but they need some editing first. Bill is in charge of that, but so far he hasn’t found the right software to do the editing.

  4. Oh, I am sad to hear about the Angry Muppet and the Rock Star. I always enjoy anything you share about Crooked Acres.

  5. That dog fur toy just may have to go with Roux when she is adopted.

    I am soooo sad to hear about Angry Muppet and the Rock Star. 🙁

    You and Fred are egg-steal’n, baby preventing people, I say! Can’t blame that hen for pecking on Fred!

    Love all the pics of Crooked Acres. I didn’t know Assassin bugs ate flies. Interesting!

  6. Is that Nola’s favorite place to lay her weary head? It seems like she’s always against the wall or at the very least only a foot or so away from it.

    I love all the pics, including the creepy crawlies, from around Crooked Acres. Keep ’em coming. I just took a pic this morning of a spider that dug about 4 holes in the ground and was sitting just outside one of them. First time in the 17 years we’ve been in our home that I’ve ever seen that in our yard. There have been wasps and other types of bees but never a spider. I was actually walking up to take pictures to send to my mom of the mushrooms coming out of the ground where we used to have a magnolia tree. She told me when there’re mushrooms growing up where a tree used to be or even around an existing one it’s because wood is rotting under the ground. Well, that magnolia tree has been gone for about 6 years now and we’re still getting mushrooms. This year seems to be more than ever. So anyway, I was walking up to take a picture of them to show her how much there are and a dark spot in the grass by my right foot caught my eye. I had just mowed last night and the dark patch wasn’t there then. And lo’ and behold here’s this spider and it’s little ground caves less than an inch from my foot. Good thing I had shoes on, I would’ve freaked a little bit. LOL I had to take a picture of it too, of course.

    I was going to say the same thing about Roux needing the dog fur toy going with her. Hopefully whoever adopts her doesn’t throw it out thinking it’s gross.

    • Be careful of ground spiders in holes. I just read about some dude and a funnel web spider on FB. Those things are dangerous!

  7. Robyn-I miss the pigs! But in lieu of them, I think I’ll take flowers, veggies, and squirrels. I don’t mind the spiders and other crawlies but I think the squirrels are cute and they are fairly smart too.