6-23-17 Friday

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I’m not sure I’d be friends with Alt-Robyn

She seems like she’d be a smug pain in the butt, doesn’t she?


I stumbled upon this on Reddit several months ago, thought you might enjoy it and keep forgetting to share it with you — Not because of the sadness, but because of the joy this other Dewbster brought to his human.

I love that so much!!


This is a miscellaneous question but I noticed high up on the wall in your bedroom a big switch plate and raised disc.

It’s been painted over but I’m curious as to what that was, a vent or something similar?

SC Amy said: I have a round cover like that in one of my chimneys downstairs, and our houses are close in age (mine was built around 1910). I’m thinking a wood or coal burning stove was vented into it originally, since it’s next to where the kitchen is now.

Amy’s right, it’s where a wood burning stove was vented. That one above is located in Fred’s bedroom.

This one is in Fred’s office.

This one is in the front room over the fireplace.

Annnd there’s one in the dining room.

Fred told me there’s one in the kitchen, too, but it’s blocked by the pantry. There’s probably one in my bedroom, also, but the previous owners put sheet rock over the walls in that room, so it’s just a guess on our part.

Fun fact: when the previous owners bought this house, which was built in 1930, the room that is now my bedroom was the dining room. I have no idea what the room that is now the dining room used to be. The rooms that are now the computer room and laundry room were a covered porch. Also, there were no inside bathrooms, they had to be added later. And I believe the cement pad in the back yard where the cats like to hang out used to be the foundation for a smoke house. I would LOVE to see pictures of this house from back then. Not long after we bought the house, Fred tracked down the family of the woman who had the house built, and they were going to send pictures, but never did. (The woman who had the house built lived here, I believe, with her mother and brother, but I might have that part of the story wrong.)


I have tried to grow catnip several times and failed at it every single time. I feel like even more of a failure now

You can’t feel like a failure ’til you move to the south and try it here. It’s got to be the long, hot summers and mild winters that it loves so much. I was out trimming back tomato plants yesterday in our little garden, and found two catnip plants that had popped up overnight, out of nowhere. That stuff is nearly as invasive as wisteria, it seems.


My dad, who is of Cajun stock, has a Cajun language joke he likes to tell. He says “What’s Cajun for ‘I’m sorry, can you repeat that’?” and I go “what?” and he says “HANH???” (like “huh” but with the A sound in “man”)

This cracked me UP!


Praline in the scratcher – this picture is from the weekend. She fit through it just fine, but they’ve had a bit of a growth spurt – they’re long and lanky now – and I can’t convince her to try to squirm through any more. I guess she knows her limitations!

“What doin’, weird lady?” (Roux)

Nola takes a snooze. Katrina asked yesterday if Nola’s favorite place to sleep is that spot on the floor. It seems to be! That spot and behind the door in the closet are her two favorite places to hang out and to sleep. When I first opened the foster room door to let them have the run of the upstairs, she spent some time sleeping under Fred’s bed, and under the recliner, but the foster room seems to be her safe spot. And apparently the hard floor is most comfortable to her for some reason!

Isn’t she just the prettiest girl?

Praline from above.

And Praline on the little blue tree.

Nola strolling in from a visit to Fred’s room while Roux grabs at a toy under the door.

She almost looks airbrushed, doesn’t she?

Several people have asked: Nola, Praline, and Roux are still available for adoption, they haven’t been spoken for yet. If you’re interested in adding any of them to your family, drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org – if they’re not adopted in the next couple of weeks, they’ll head off to Petsmart when there’s room for them.


Videos! In the first one, Roux and Praline are having a good time racing up and down Fred’s bed and skittering across it.

YouTube link

In the second, this video doesn’t really do justice to how BOUNCY those girls are. They can get some serious height on their jumps; it’s fabulous to see.

YouTube link


I think Stefan looks particularly pretty here.

Smile, Stefan!


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6-23-17 Friday — 20 Comments

  1. The synchronized jumps are hysterical! The girls are so “athletic.” And gorgeous. <3

    The first pic of Stefan could be the cover of GQ. The second pic…well…it looks like he is trying to pass gas.

  2. Praline and Roux are such twinsies. They are so adorable!!!
    Nola….what a beauty.
    Stefan’s smile pic cracked me up.
    Would you please take a close up photo of the picture of the lady on Fred’s bedroom wall? It looks pretty. I have seen it a few times and was always curious about it. Thanks.

    • That is NOT me, that is a ballerina picture I had in my room as a kid. I think it looks fabulous there, Fred thinks it’s a little girly. 😀

      I’ll take a closer picture for next Friday’s post!

  3. Good grief! I don’t know how you do it but you get the cutest ‘smiling’ cat pictures. Stefan looks so cute giving you that “cheeeeeeeeez” pose!

    • And I was thinking surely Fried is used to having teeth marks on his books by now! 😀

  4. Wow, the babies really know how to catch some air, and their mum is so beautiful! Hope everyone is adopted very soon. Thank you for spoiling us with two photos of hunky Stefan, and enjoy your weekend.

  5. I have a request, can we see Praline’s ‘zipper?’

    I’m pretty sure that she’s the only cat I’ve seen where it’s crooked or asymmetrical.

  6. Um, so what exactly is the little blue “raindrop” on pensive Stefan? Above his left eye. I thought I was seeing things for a minute, but it’s in the Flickr picture too.

    We have a vent in the kitchen which looks exactly like the one you have above the fireplace. But it’s hinged. When one uses the wooden handle doohicky to open it, it automatically starts a military-sounding exhaust fan. Guaranteed to terrify the cats!

    Sure wish we could add Nola to our crew. Just so beautiful and I love me a shy-ish cat. Sigh. House is full up, tho, with our four.

    • That’s a piece of floof from the little blue cat tree. I love that little cat tree (and so do the kittens, and apparently Stefan), but it sheds worse than the cats do.

  7. I love how Nola has asymmetrical ear floof. She is a gorgeous lady fosho.