Flossie and Oy have discovered that they can climb up the back of my shirt and perch on my shoulder. Which is cute and all BUT BOY DOES IT REALLY REALLY REALLY hurt when they climb up my back, and now my back is all scratched up, and OUCH.

But it’s awfully cute.

We’ve started leaving the blinds in the cat room up all the time, because if we put them down at night, the kittens will hang on them which annoys me. So at night, when the light in the room is on, they see their reflection in the window, and both Flossie and Oy have gotten freaked out by their own reflections, complete with fluffy tail and hissing.

I need to remember to take the camera upstairs with me at night some time.

Flossie, mid-slurp. Flossie does this goofy thing where she sits over the water bowl and drinks some water, then lifts her head and… I can’t describe it, really. It looks like she’s nursing and she makes these sucking noises. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Da widdle Peanut.

Snoopy, snuggled up to his favorite toy.

Edgar, rolling around in the sun.

Snoopy. The sultry look.


Mister Eggs does his bat imitation.


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