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For our Chewy product review this month, I thought I’d be crafty. The Solid Gold food we reviewed last month was such a hit with the permanent residents that when I saw that there was another kind of Solid Gold food available for review – the Solid Gold Holistic Delights – I laughed evilly while rubbing my hands gleefully together. Talk about a slam dunk, right?

We received a box of the Creamy Bisque with Crab & Coconut Milk flavor. I wasn’t thrilled to see that they were in pouches, because as a natural-born klutz, I always manage to make a mess when I open the packets, even when I use scissors to cut them open, because I am just that talented.

The cats gathered.

Newt and Archie have no special love for each other, but they both hate Stefan, so it’s a “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation. I like to think they’re checking in with each other while they’re waiting for breakfast. “Still hate him?” “Yep. You?” “Yep.”

All of my cats really like more liquidy foods, so I knew this stuff was going to be a hit.

“You EVER gonna feed us, lady? Starving, here!”

Newt dove in.

And so did Archie.

Jake, too.

Just as Stefan started eating (he was off somewhere being Stefan, and was the last to wander into the kitchen), the mass “NOPE”ing began. You can see Jake back there, NOPEing it up on his way out of the kitchen.

In fact, they NOPEd so fast that I didn’t even get pictures of most of them. Dennis, Joe Bob and Alice all took one lick and then were like “See ya!” Maxi gave me a dirty look and went to hang out under the side stoop.

The only cats who liked it – and who, in fact, took it upon themselves to eat not only their own food, but all the food everyone else had left behind – were Kara and Archie.

So, unlike the food we reviewed last month, this stuff was absolutely not a hit. I didn’t even offer it to the kittens, because I figured I could feed the rest of the packets to Archie and Kara over the next few days. I did, and they both continued to eat it, though I don’t know that they actually liked it.

Here I thought I was so smart, choosing a food I KNEW they’d all love, and they had different plans. The best-laid plans, eh?


As always, the food is provided to us free of charge, and the opinions are the cats’, as translated by me. Thanks to Chewy and Solid Gold for letting us give it a try!


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6-25-16 #ChewyInfluencer — 16 Comments

  1. My two fuzzballs don’t like that style of food. It’s pate only, if you please. But I add about 3/4 can of water, mixed with 1/4can of food, and they’re all over it. Silly creatures!

  2. Cats will always foil the best-laid plans. They are cats. It’s what they do.

    • I wish I could remember that instead of being all “This is an excellent plan!” and being disappointed when it doesn’t work out. 🙂

  3. Who decided coconut needed to be in cat food?? Are there island cats somewhere shimmying up coconut trees and batting the coconuts down to drink the milk? Someone call Animal Planet because this is something we need to see! 😉

    • Yeah, I hate it when cat food companies come up with these exotic flavors based on what’s trendy for humans at the moment. Seriously? All these ingredient lists with blueberries and whatnot? Would a cat even look at a blueberry normally?

      The minute some cat food genius comes up with a moth-and-June-beetle stew, my cats will be all over it.

  4. Candace-my cat will only eat pate also. She is also particular about the flavors. She lurves liver but does not do well with fish. She will eat the cheap Friskies kind with no problem but does not like the fancier stuff. It’s fine with me though because cheap is well-cheaper!

    Robyn-do your cats have flavor preferences?

    • They love turkey and hate chicken. They prefer pate over the shredded stuff. They love seafood flavors, but I only give them seafood about once a week. Alice doesn’t care for most cat foods, and would like it if I’d just give her chicken baby food every morning!

  5. Picky critters, cats! One cat is my best friend if I open a can of sardines, (for me, but I share bits) the other is all “ewww, what’s that?”. Thanks for sharing your cat’s opinions!