6-14-19 Friday

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I’m very glad to read that Amelie is on the road to recovery! I couldn’t help but appreciate the irony yesterday of Mlle. Amelie having her issues just a few years after Rhyme published his “The Art of the Poops” manifesto on the blog, making sure to spread (ha! see what I did there?) his poopy propaganda for all kitties out there.

Oh, that Rhyme. He was such a character! (Lucky for me, Amelie hasn’t perfected the art of getting poop all over her feet and then shaking it to make it scatter as far and wide as possible!)


If the first trio are two Meezers and a brown stripey tabbygirl, and Eloise (Éloise?) is also Siamesey, what are the other two? Someone said Madeline looks like your previous foster Maddie, so silver tabby? And are Katriane and “Not the mama!” Margeaux also stripey tigery gals?

We have three meezers (Jacques, Esmee, and Eloise/Antoine (more on that later in the post)), two gray tabbies (Madeline and Francois), and one brown stripey tabby (Amelie.) Katriane and Margeaux are both brown tabbies, but Katriane has much more defined stripes, and Margeaux has a lot of orangey/gold coloring in her fur. Color-wise, Katriane reminds me of Dennis, though she really doesn’t look anything like him other than the coloring.


Isn’t Madeline a ringer for your former foster Maddy?

In my memory, Maddy was much more silvery, but a check of her pictures shows that there’s a decent resemblance between the two. Here’s Maddy:

(I’ll see if I can get together a good set of comparison pictures of Madeline and Maddy before next week!)

My expert on such matters says that Madeline and Francois are considered gray tabbies. BUT thank you for mentioning the resemblance – I always have a hard time remembering who’s who when I start out with a litter, but now that I can make the Maddy-Madeline connection, it’ll be a bit easier!


If Margeaux is letting them comfort nurse, I wonder if she will start lactating? If so, maybe not enough to feed them entirely, but a help. I also have to wonder if the comfort nursing is an important component in their well-being, whether they get nourishment or not.


I don’t know a whole lot about it but I would think she would have to be producing the correct hormones for that to happen. She’s just a laid-back auntie who is taking care of her orphaned nieces and nephew as best she can. One good thing, it means she did not have kittens that were separated from her!

I believe with enough stimulation, non-pregnant female cats (and humans too, or so I’ve read) will eventually start lactating. Margeaux never did – but I will say that I think her allowing the kittens to comfort nurse is vitally important. Kittens who aren’t allowed to nurse or are separated from their mothers too soon tend to find other things to nurse on, and that tends to be their siblings. None of Margeaux’s bunch nursed on anyone other than her – and, of course, now Katriane is allowing them to nurse, thankfully.


Wow! I have serious cupboard envy now — do all the upstairs rooms have so many? Were they there when you bought, or did you find a cabinet wizard to install?

We have a LOT of built-ins in this house, which is one of the things we really like about it. If you go to the post for December 11, 2017 (almost 2 weeks after we moved in) and scroll down a bit, there’s a quick “tour” of the house before we moved everything in.


Wait, kittens are filled with STUFFING?!? Is it stuffing like in a pillow or stuffing like in a turkey?

Kittens’ bodies are filled with stuffing similar to that of the stuffing in bed pillows (but not as smart), and their heads are filled with marshmallow fluff. I thought that was common knowledge!


Are you sure Esmee isn’t really a bunny?

Nothing about Esmee would surprise me.



(This concludes the mis-sexing incident for this litter of kittens.)


One of the many reasons I’ll never put kittens in the guest bedroom – they can easily fit under the dresser, and do they poop under there? I think you know the answer to that.

Katriane wonders: “WHERE did all these kittens come from?!”

Madeline isn’t sure how she got up on that tree, and isn’t sure how she’ll get down, either.

Oh, that Amelie. Is she just the cutest, or what?

Amelie and Francois have a snuggle.

Getting some sleepy attitude from Francois.

And more.

Francois has just come from the milk bar, and needs to wipe his face. (Yeah, a lot of Francois in this entry. What can I say? He’s a poser!)

Katriane as jungle gym.

Antoine loves his mama.

Esmee and Amelie tussling over ownership of the basket (in the background, Katriane grabs a bite to eat with Jacques.)

Oh, that Jacques. He is just such a little gentleman.

“‘Scuse me, lady, is the milk bar open?”

Antoine has a sleepy.


Archie just really throws himself into his naps.


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