6-5-15 Friday

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Not surprised Carlin doesn’t floof out upon seeing permanent residents.- he must have seen quite a bit before becoming a Fool. In turn, I take it the permanent residents don’t floof out at the foster babies?

For the most part, the permanent residents don’t floof at the fosters, though it’s been known to happen from time to time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dennis floof at a foster, though, now that I think about it!


Is Gilda more shy than the rest or just plays keep away with the camera? Or am I missing her because there is just so much orange going on?

Gilda is a lap sitter, and if I’m sitting down, she’s in my lap. I tend to take pictures with the camera pointed away from me as often as possible, so I tend not to get as many pictures of her. Which is too bad, because she is one gorgeous girl!


The “hugs” picture would make a great banner..,just sayin’…

Done! Kinda…


I wanted to use the image for the entire banner, but due to the required dimensions for the banner, it wouldn’t work the way I wanted it to.

For the record, if you guys should see a picture that would work as a banner by itself, feel free to mention it – I know I’ve slacked on the banner front, and it’s a lot easier to turn one single picture into a banner than to go through the 1,000 pictures I took of a litter and try to pull out the best ones to use as a collage-type banner. (Did I say “banner” often enough in that sentence, do ya think? Banner! Banner! Banner!)


a riff on sleepy kittens here…I am a poor sleeper, and one of my problems is that at bedtime, I’ll lie in a nice comfy bed, in a cool dark room, and my mind will be RACING about some stupid stuff that happened that day and I cannot calm it down enough to drop off to sleep. Enter that video Robyn posted, of 3-week-old Louis getting waylaid by a sunbeam (Wandering Louis on youtube.) I can watch that wee yawning kitten a couple of times and my brain starts to yawn along with him, and before long, I’m out. Hey, that video could be broken down into a book, too!

YouTube link.

I love that video SO SO SO much! I can’t believe what a teeny thing he was, and how much he’s grown.


Oh my! The agouti pattern on Roseanne & Belushi is so striking. I love that pattern!


I think Belushi and Roseanne look a lot like Aslan from the Royals litter !!! Very stylish looking fur fluff !!!!

Oh, I definitely see the resemblance, and I’ve thought that Belushi resembles Aslan since the day Lucy’s kittens were born. Here’s Aslan:


In the pictures where they are posing or not posing, Roseanne’s big white paws make it look like she’s got some of those clunky platform heels that all the young girls are wearing (and falling down in) these days.

Little Ro, style icon!


Looks like Carlin is in love with Rickles! Is he his favorite or does he love them all indiscriminately?

Carlin loves all his big brothers and sisters equally for the most part, but he might have a very very slight preference to Rickles. Rickles tends to be a little more tolerant of Carlin’s bitey ways, whereas the others will fight back immediately.


Da BAYBEE sure has some big toofies!!

Indeed he does! That’s the picture I’m using as my desktop wallpaper right now, I love it so.


Your bouncy Bubalas made their way to reddit.

They’re also on Tumblr (15,000 notes!), and I realized yesterday that the video that gif came from has had over 64,000 views on YouTube!

YouTube link.


I can’t really blame Lucy for her crankiness. Imagine that you were taken off for a surgery and promised it would mean no more kittens ever, and when you came home there was a new kitten.

I have to admit, that’s a really good point!


What are you feeding Miz Poo these days? She’s about 16, right, if my math before dawn can be trusted.


Oh, how did you get Poo to gain weight?

I wish I knew how or why she’s gained a little weight (and when I say “a little”, I mean she’s gained 1/4 pound, which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s not insignificant either), but it’s a mystery to me. She eats kibble, turns her nose up at canned food, eats a treat now and then, and gets a squirt of Liqui-Tinic every day. It’s the same thing we’ve been doing all along, so I have no explanation for the recent weight gain!

And yes, she’ll be 16 in September!


Just noticing or wondering, is Belushi a ticked tabby? I see stripes on his legs, but his side looks all ticked or solid to me.. Is there such a thing as a mix of ticked and mackerel?


would that make him a “tickeled” (apologies for the deliberate mis-spelling) tabby?


I’ve also wondered if his coat is considered ticked.

I believe it is considered ticked, though he does have stripes – and I am totally describing him as a tickeled tabby from now on!


Do you occasionally get a lapful of Lucy? Or is it just for kittens?

Lucy is always welcome to sit in my lap, but she’s either not a lap-sitter or she finds my lap lacking. She does like to stand with her two front paws on my leg and be petted for a good long time – then she flops down against my leg and snoozes. She’s such a sweet girl!


Dare I assume you used the long, arduous integration process of “here’s your new buddy!” and let him loose with the kittens? Wonder if he’ll smell enough like the others when Lucy comes in that she’ll just think, hmm, one of mine I guess. Not as easy as sneaking one in under the tail between birthin’ kittens, is it? 🙂

We call that long, arduous process “Meet yer new partner!” 🙂 And that’s exactly how we did it. It seems to have worked pretty well!

What I should have done, in retrospect, was rub one of the other kittens all over Carlin. OR I could have put a little orange fur coat on Carlin, and Lucy would have been, “Oh, there’s one of the orange ones. He smells a little odd, but is clearly MINE.”


what happens when you spay a lactating mama? Do the milk bar taps turn off abruptly with the sudden lack of hormones? Inquiring minds want to know! (Or at least, I do!)

No, she’ll keep on producing milk as long as the kittens nurse (or at least until she goes off to Petsmart). I’ve heard of kittens nursing well into adulthood!


3rd from the bottom, Belushi’s tail tip makes him look like Alfalfa from Little Rascals. Also, he is my favorite of this litter. Can you tell him that for me? 🙂

I totally did not notice that – that’s hilarious! (And of course I’ll pass your love along to Belushi!)


Belushi and Shecky, lookin’ guilty.

Carlin likes to follow the bigger kittens around. And when the bigger kitten (Roseanne, in this picture) lets down their guard, Carlin LEAPS upon them and bites and bites. He’s a bitey little thing, have I mentioned?

Louis has caught his first chicken!

“Excuse me, please not to bother. I am on VERY IMPORTANT PHONE CALL.”

And now Carlin has caught his first chicken! Chicken for everyone!


Carlin loves to just hang there on that scratcher like a baby bear.

Roseanne practices her balancing skillz, while Carlin snoopervises.

Louis, helping Carlin keep his ears clean.


Carlin and the Open Mouth of Outrage AND the Paw of Doom.

“Oh look, THAT room has a weird lady with a camera in it, too!”

It looks like Shecky is whispering a very shocking (or amusing) secret to Rickles.

Gilda, disapprovin’.


Smilin’ Joe (Bob) is very very pleased with himself, as usual.


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    • Yeah, Belushi is definitely an excellent example of a ticked tabby. Is Roseanne a ticked-tabby-with-white?

  1. Carlin – I just want to squeeze him and kiss him all over!

    Gilda, disapprovin’ picture – she looks very exotic at that angle!

  2. Lol, Gilda. Clearly teenaged Gilda is like, thinking, you are so. like. lame. Gawd, weird lady. *eye roll*

  3. What are the pixel dimensions for the banner, Robyn?

    Gilda’s look in that next to last says, “Put that stupid thing down and PET ME! For the love of a duck, lady, don’t you know anything?” *eyeroll*

    • 940×188 pixels are the preferred dimensions, though sometimes I tweak the banners a few pixels larger, depending on what I’m using.

  4. Robyn-what program do you use for collage banners or do you use the old cut and crop idea?

  5. Since I’m on a roll with the banner suggestion, may I point out that Carlin doesn’t have his picture on the “In Residence” sidebar? He already has “short tail” complex (which I think explains his biteyness) so you don’t want to add to the trauma/drama by excluding his picture!! 😉

  6. (Did I say “banner” often enough in that sentence, do ya think? Banner! Banner! Banner!)


    I can’t really blame Lucy for her crankiness. Imagine that you were taken off for a surgery and promised it would mean no more kittens ever, and when you came home there was a new kitten.

    LOL.. very good point..

  7. Love Gilda and her narrowed eyes of disapproval.

    Carlin looks like he’s put on some weight and gotten a little stockier! Is he prone to biting because 1) he’s the littlest in a bunch of kittens and 2) had to survive a few weeks by himself?

    • It’s probably because he’s the smallest and wants to be taken seriously! He’s actually not any bitier than kittens usually are at that age, but the other kittens are starting to grow out of the biting, so his is just more obvious, I think.

  8. I was going to rub one cat’s scent on another. Don’t do it. I read an article that likened it to walking into a department store & being sprayed with an awful scent you couldn’t get away from. Made sense to me lol

  9. Wow – I can’t believe that Miz Poo will be 16. When I started reading your blog, she was “the kitten”.

  10. As long as we’re passing things along–lil’ sweetie Roseanne is my favorite from this bunch!