6-9-16 Thursday

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“Awwww, yes, lady.”

The Kitty Boinks are a hit with JJ and Tinker – no surprise there, most kitties love them! (They’re actually cheaper at Coupaw right now – here – but I’m not sure how long that sale lasts.)

JJ has a think.

Pretty, pretty boy.

Tinker poses for his yearbook picture.


Paws up, y’all!

Playing a game of “Kitty has no earses.” Doesn’t she look thrilled?

Barnaby likes to fall onto his side and bunny kick every toy he sees. He reminds me Rollie, the playing armadillo.

Biting the leg of the bed because why not?

Squeek in my lap, looking so very innocent.

“Iiiiiiiiii am just a wee baby kittehmuffin!”

Barnaby’s favorite toy.


“Am sleeping here. You go ‘way.” Newt looks perpetually grumpy, but he’s much sweeter than you’d expect. (Unless you’re a kitten, in which case he has zero use for the likes of you.)


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6-9-16 Thursday — 10 Comments

  1. That Bubble (or Doublewide as I still think of her) is drop-dead gorgeous. I catch my breath every time I see her hamming it up in front of the camera.

  2. Love the ear tufts on JJ!

    And those three itty-bitties — they’re all adorable, but Squeek just steals the show with those eyes of hers.

  3. Everybody is just soooo cute.

    When the grey elephant arrived at my house, that next morning I found it up in bed with me. It is nice to smile first thing in the am.

  4. JJ reminds me a lot of Newberry. My favoritest kitten of all time on here.

  5. You know, if you provided those kittens some half decent cardboard, they wouldn’t be forced to chew on the leg.

  6. Newtles has an AHH-mazing huffing zone! I’d like to bury my face in that belleh fur!