6-8-16 Wednesday

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Last night, finally:

I say “finally,” but it’s only been a week and a half. It just seems like it’s been longer than that. Yes, this means that Ken “Moe” Adams is left there by himself. He’s a sociable boy, I bet he goes home very soon.

(Regina is also still available. It’s… POSSIBLE that someone could adopt them together, but I don’t believe Regina would like that at ALL.)


Such a smug little face, this one (Barnaby).

As you can see, the rail at the bottom of that dresser is a favorite place to hang out.

Bath time in the sun for Squeek.

I’m pretty sure Barnaby was considering jumping on her.

Hanging out in the playpen, keeping an eye on Bubble.

“RAWR! I yam a fearsome creature!” proclaims Barnaby.

Did I mention that they like the loop on the back of my phone case? Because they certainly do.

Smilin’ boy.

Climbing up the side of the playpen.

The kittens have started sleeping on the bottom of this little cat tree – or on the bigger cat tree – so I took the playpen down last night and put it away, since they don’t use it any more.

The next step will likely have to be taking down and putting away the baby gate at the doorway and keeping the door shut, since yesterday afternoon I spotted Bubble sitting on the top of the gate. When she saw me, she jumped back down into the room, but I doubt it’ll be long before she decides she wants to explore the house.


Video! Play time, starring Barnaby, Squeek, and a little bit of Bubble.

YouTube link.


“What you doon, weird lady?” wonders Tinker.

Watching the feather teaser.

Check out that delightfully spotted belly.

And THAT delightfully spotted belly!


Archie, when the Fakers kittens were still here with us. His “Seriously, lady?” look is cracking me up.


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6-8-16 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. Oh, those bellies are deeevine!

    (BTW, can you imagine Squeek’s ginormous eyes on Puff’s ginormous head?!)

    Yay for Chanandler! Someone is a very lucky new kitten parent.

  2. LOL!! Archie’s one ear askew (pointing in the direction of those dang kittehs) is priceless!

    This wee trio of baybeeees is blowing my mind with the cute factor. I don’t even have a favourite, I love them all so much… it’s like they’re a matched set and the world would end if they were separated. I’d definitey have to take all three if I lived closer. Hopefully, someone else will realize the importance of saving teh universe and adopt them all together. 😀

    • Ok, I have been thinking the same thing! If you picked just one….which one would it be?? IMPOSSIBLE DECISION!!! Just take the lot and be forever in bliss!

  3. OMG, the 3 tiny ones kill me dead! They look like eggplants with legs at this age, so dang cute

  4. we laugh when people are all “adopt mom and kittens together” and we KNOW those momma cats are all “no thanks…I’m so done”.

    we love all kittens, but there is something about the size of those little ones and their antics that just seem funnier

    • Yeah, the brat would expect her to buy him a car and pay for college. She knows when to get out!!! 🙂

  5. Does Bubble play by herself? It seems that Squeek and Barnaby are always together. It wasn’t like that at first, right?

  6. Ohhhhhh, poor Archie! “They’re behind me, aren’t they? Take action, woman!”

  7. I just realized that I sound like you when I talk to my younger cat Twist. She likes to flop down for belly rubs, and I’ll ask her “what happened? did you fall down?” and I just did that and I thought it was Robyn coming out of my mouth, sounded JUST LIKE you on some of your videos talking to kittens. Obviously I’m a fan of Love and Hisses! 🙂