6-7-16 Tuesday

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Have you met the new fosters yet? If you’ve somehow missed seeing them, here they are! Meet…


And his brother JJ.

JJ has a tiny little nub of a tail.

Tinker’s got plenty of tail for both of them. He’s also got a grumpy, skeptical face, but that is SO not his personality. He’s a lovah.

They both have those huuuuge ears. Apparently it’s the Year of Ears here at Crooked Acres.

It took Tinker about half a second to discover the mouse cave, though I haven’t seen either of them in it… yet!

“I don’t need no stinkin’ tail, lady. It’d just slow me down!”

They are brothers, as I mentioned. They’re about 10 weeks old, they are SUPER friendly (you only have to look in Tinker’s general direction for him to purr his little head off). They were found by the side of the road and came to the shelter shortly after. They’ve actually already been neutered, we’re just waiting out the time for their rabies shots and last vaccinations.

They’ll be with us until after the 4th of July because… they are already adopted!

I love it when I don’t have to worry about fosters getting adopted. Basically, all we have to do is love on these guys until they go home in about a month!


Speaking of fosters: Chanandler Bong and Ken Adams are still at Petsmart along with their mother Regina Phalange. Adoptions have been really slow lately (except for the four Fakers adoptions on one day, of course), so hopefully they’ll pick up very soon. Adoption hours are taking place tonight, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed!


I just love Bubble’s colors. She’s so striking!

Fight! Fight! Squeek’s all “I KEEL YOU!” and Barnaby’s all “What’s that?”

Sneaky Squeek.

I don’t know what Barnaby did to make Bubble so irate, but he doesn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

Bubble in the sun.

Snuggling with Squeek.

And then I picked her up and squeezed her.

Barnaby, Bubble, and Squeek now have the run of my bedroom during the day, and the run of the bathroom at night. I put a baby gate in the doorway to my room, figuring that if I had a problem with a permanent resident going into the room to eat their food, I could shut the door.

I needn’t have worried – none of the permanent residents want ANYthing to do with that room while kittens are in there. And the kittens haven’t figured out that they could climb the gate, so we’re good for now.


Dennis, hanging out outside. He is SUCH a pretty boy, isn’t he? SO pretty!


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6-7-16 Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. The face on Barnaby in the picture with Bubble had me spitting out my coffee. That is hilarious!

  2. Those kittens are weapons-grade cute. All five of them.

    That is all.

  3. JJ and Tinker are ADORABLE (the other three are too!) Yay to hear that they already have homes lined up!

    Do you know if JJ’s tail stub is an injury, or was he born that way?

  4. Wow. Dennis is STUNNING in that photo. Definitely a framable picture!! And I would have squeezed the stuffing out of little Bubble, laying there with belly up. I was curious/nosy why you guys don’t want any more dogs?

  5. When on earth are you going to let Fred name kittens??? I mean officially name kittens so those are the ones on their adoption certificates 😉

    and YAY for adoptions!

    • probably when he comes up with more identifiable names than the black one, the tortie, the tabby, and Nub. 😀

  6. In my experience it’s easy to tick off the torties or calicoes. But also in my experience they very quickly return to snuggle with you. Bubble is so cute it ought to be illegal. (So are the rest of them!)

    Dennis is a very handsome creature, and I do believe he knows it.