6-10-16 Friday

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Last night:

Yay, Moe!

Now if Regina would just get herself adopted, I’d feel like I could relax!


Does Bubble play by herself? It seems that Squeek and Barnaby are always together. It wasn’t like that at first, right?

All three of them play together – the only reason I can’t seem to get a picture of Bubble playing with Squeek or Barnaby (or both) is because if I’m sitting down, she’s in my lap. That girl is a lap cat to the extreme – she might occasionally wander off for a moment, but she always comes right back.

I would say that of the three, Squeek is most likely to be spotted playing with one of the other two. Bubble and Barnaby will play together, but they both seem to prefer Squeek.

Squeek is the glue!


When on earth are you going to let Fred name kittens??? I mean officially name kittens so those are the ones on their adoption certificates.

Because Fred wants to name them things like Eyeballs (his nickname for Squeek) and Big Head (Barnaby) – though I’ll admit that Belly Mae (Bubble) is kind of cute. And also, he takes too long to come up with nicknames; I always want to get them named quickly.


I was curious/nosy why you guys don’t want any more dogs?

We just don’t. We’re not really dog people – though we adored George and Gracie, of course. Also – and really the main reason – we’re planning to sell Crooked Acres in the next couple of years, and don’t plan to live on as much land as we live on now. We won’t need a dog to protect the chickens, since we likely won’t have chickens.

We’re planning/hoping to move back to the Madison (Alabama) area, though we’re just casually looking at houses online at the moment. We both miss living in a place where there are sidewalks, Fred misses hiking, and while we love this house, the land requires more upkeep than either of us wants to do any more.


Do you know if JJ’s tail stub is an injury, or was he born that way?

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect he was probably born that way.


Here’s a site that explains different cat color patterns.

Very cool!


HA! Who knew back in 2011 you would be the first to “Trump your cat”. You should be compensated for being the first.

I love that picture so very much! I should totally be compensated as the first to Trump my cat. Give me my millions!


I got word from Susan yesterday that the people adopting JJ and Tinker have named them. So now, instead of JJ and Tinker, they are…

Felix (formerly JJ).

And Webster (formerly Tinker).

I’m going to use their new (permanent) names from here on out. Hopefully it won’t be too confusing!

With the tufts on the end of his ears, Felix reminds me of a lynx.

Those boys sure do like to hang out in the pagoda cat tree.

Sleepy boys.


“Squeek’s always trying to hold paws with me!”

Barnaby checks out what’s under the dresser (cat toys, I’m sure.)

My goodness, Bubble, you certainly are getting in all the crevices there, aren’t you?

The better to keep her nose clean, I guess.

Oh, these girls. I could just squoosh ’em!

That toy he’s playing with started out coiled up, but it gradually became uncoiled, and in the process apparently became one of the best! toys! ever!

“I’ll always love you best, Mister Elephanthead.”


Maxi, hanging out in her house on the front porch. We had the front porch repainted a few weeks ago (along with having the front and side doors replaced), and Maxi isn’t sure if she cares for the color.


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6-10-16 Friday — 50 Comments

  1. YAY for Moe being adopted!! But also sad… I’m going to miss the Fakers! Hopefully Regina’s turn is next…

    Are we saying goodbye to our friends Bubble, Barnaby, and Squeek soon?

    (Robyn, you put the chef’s hat question in last Friday’s post, too!)

    • Oops! This is what happens when you’re trying to do a post with a kitten climbing around on your desk. πŸ™‚

      Brittany is headed home this weekend – we haven’t made exact plans for her to get her babies back, but I expect we’re down to our last few days with them. Which is actually good timing, as Bubble is being pretty blatant about climbing to the top of that baby gate!

  2. ***falls to the floor in a dead faint***
    Move away from Crooked Acres?!? Butbutbut it’s my internet home away from home πŸ™

  3. Every time I go house hunting, I always tell the realtor that I want trees and sidewalks. And a yard but not a very big one. So I understand where you are coming from.

    You’ll still be fostering and blogging though, right? I feel like you are my friend who I just haven’t met yet!

    • Of course! The first thing I do when I’m looking at a house on Zillow (we’re not seriously looking for a house yet, but it’s good to know what’s out there) is point out which room would be the foster room. πŸ™‚

      • What do you mean by foster “room”? Surely you meant foster “roomS” πŸ™‚ After all, if you move to another location, you can make sure you have enough rooms for everyone. Let’s see: a room for you, a room for Fred, a room for Fred’s office, a room for your office, and 2 or three foster rooms. So a 6-7 bedroom house with live-in maid quarters should be all you need. With at least 1 acre so the outside cats have room to ignore each other. THAT shouldn’t be hard to find at all!

    • When I talk about Robyn, I say, “My friend Robyn in Alabama….”. Sadly, Robyn doesn’t know we are friends. LOL

  4. Madison as in Wisconsin? Or is there a Madison of the south I’m not familiar with? I’ve missed the garden and chicken updates! Maybe you can keep a few decorative chickens in your new place? Or maybe I just need some decorative chickens!

    • Madison, Alabama – it’s a suburb of Huntsville. Our previous house was actually located in Madison, and we moved here because we thought we wanted to live in the country. It was fun for a while, but we’re ready to return to civilization. πŸ™‚

      I’m planning a Crooked Acres post for this week!

      (And depending on where we end up moving, we’ve talked about having a few chickens.)

  5. How do you think Maxi and Kara and your other outdoor-ish cats will deal with a new home? I assume they will come with you and not be left with the house!
    Bubble is so cute I just want to kiss her little face. I’m partial to calicos, which means Alice Moe would want me to go away please…

    • Oh, they’ll absolutely be coming with us. We’re hoping to find a house with a decent sized back yard, and then we’ll put a cat fence around it to keep them contained – that’s a dealbreaker. If we love a house but it has a home owner’s association that wouldn’t allow a cat fence, then that wouldn’t be the house for us. We’re still talking about what we’ll do for Maxi, the hater of all other cats – whether she’ll get her own room in the house, or a small enclosed shelter in the back yard. She’ll certainly have some sort of special accommodations.

      • I was wondering the same thing, but I was trying to focus on the “in the next couple of years” part of your move thoughts. But now that you’ve put it out to the Universe, you know the perfect house will appear next week!! πŸ˜‰

      • HOAs can be tough to deal with, from everything I’ve read. Lots of fussy, fussy people. I suspect many wouldn’t be too keen on a house having so many cats. (brings down the tone of the neighbourhood. *eyeroll*)

        • Yes, our first house was in a neighborhood with a HOA. We weren’t fans. πŸ™‚ Our ideal house would be located near a subdivision with lots of sidewalks but not actually *in* the subdivision!

  6. When we were looking for a house, years go, we came across a house with an ‘illegal apartment’. The realtor told us it could not be used as an apartment, but it was its own separate place within the house. I can not tell you how badly I wanted that place for that so I could foster kittens in it.. it would have been AWESOME! sadly the rest of the house didn’t fit our needs.. (and now there is a drive through coffee shop going in right next door (as in right next door) so I’m doubly glad we didn’t buy it. But sometimes when I’m down in the kitten room and I have to lug everything through the house or I’m out of water, or I need to refrigerate something, I still dream..

    • Oh, that would be SO awesome!! I say that when I win the lottery, I’m going to build a house with a wing for fosters, with a sink in every room!

      • Robyn, you remind me so much sometimes of someone I know in real life that fosters. She always says the same thing.

        • Robyn’s not real??? WHAT???? All this time, I have been fooled.
          LOL….just kidding! It was there….I HAD to take it! πŸ™‚

  7. If you move to the city, can you have all the permanent resident cats? Especially the ones that like it outside.

    • Yes, absolutely, we’re not going to leave anyone behind. We’ll fence in the back yard to keep them contained. They might not like not being able to roam far and wide, but they’ll adjust.

      • I’m glad to hear you say that (not leaving anyone behind), as that was my serious concern. You can’t leave my Newtles behind, you know!

  8. I’m still enjoying looking back a year to see Gilly (Lucy) with all those kittens–they are HUGE and she is so tiny! (But was such a good mama πŸ™‚ She is doing great in spite of her cast–2 weeks down and 4 to go. She is getting a new one put on today.

    Really understand about needing a different house and yard. They get harder to keep up as time goes on! (Although I can’t imagine why-WE are not older–lol!!)

  9. I say Miz Robyn, when you DO win that lottery and build you your Kennedy-Anderson Kitten Compound – don’t forget to add a little shed or something for Mr. Fred Anderson! The poor man will need the rain kept off his head. Snake rescue is hard when you are shivering with pneumonia!

  10. There’s a weird thing happening at our TNR spot. All are snipped and all are seriously feral. But like everywhere, come spring a few more show up and get a ride to the Vet. Well, this year 5 gold cats showed up. Heavy sigh! The cool thing is one of these “feral” cats is a very tame, very hungry, very Big LoveBug. A real Surfer Dude-type. The cool part is that he seems to be making everyone else very relaxed too! It’s like he let everyone know that we’re OK & we kill them every morning. Weird, the personality of one cat changed the whole crowd dynamic.

  11. “We both miss living in a place where there are sidewalks”

    YUP best reason to move period.

    Do you think it will be pretty easy for Sheriff Kara to adjust to her new ‘precinct’? πŸ˜‰