6-6-17 Tuesday

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Thank you so very much to everyone who donated to the Frankie Fund yesterday. I talked to Susan a little after 2:00, and she told me that at the moment she had a total of just under $2,500 (which is when I edited the post to let y’all know.) By the time I got the spreadsheet from her last evening, the total was just over $3,000. The generosity and kindness you have shown to us (to Frankie!) just blows us away. From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU.

We will, of course, keep you updated on Frankie and his teefs and how he’s doing.


Nola’s Cajuns are now two months old as of Saturday (doesn’t it seem impossible?) and here are pictures of each kitten at two days old and two months old.





I weighed the kittens on Sunday, and Andouille weighed in the heaviest at 2 pounds 8.4 ounces. Praline came next at 2 pounds 4.4 ounces. Roux came in third at 2 pounds 2.2 ounces. Beignet was the lightest at 1 pound 15.6 ounces.

Trying to get the kittens in a row for a family portrait (I mean, it’s not a TRUE family portrait without Nola, but she’s not inclined to line up with the kittens).

Goodness me, Andouille, that is QUITE the school picture smile you’ve got going on there.

The girls are like “RIGHT, lady?!”

Perfect! (Left to right: Beignet, Roux, Praline & Andouille.)

Also, remember this picture of the three girls from May 11th?

Lots of room!

Same three girls from late last week:

Running out of room! They grow so darn FAST, don’t they?


Video! I call this one “Andouille gots a mouse.” (Don’t worry, it’s a toy mouse not a real one!)

YouTube link


It’s a Jake, resting up so that his loons will be perfectly tuned.


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6-6-17 Tuesday — 19 Comments

  1. That Andouille, boy oh boy. I just adore how he has to stop mid-play to give himself a mini pedicure. Gotta love the attention span of kittens, LOL!

  2. Love the Andouille. He is so photogenic and I love the head tilt photos. Lucky boy.

  3. They are all such floofballs (get it?). Question: While looking at Roux and Praline and not being able to reliably tell them apart, I was wondering-can kittens be truly identical twins like humans can? I’m thinking they can because I would think all mammals could, but have you ever seen that or has it happened to you?

  4. So glad you got all the support you needed for Frankie, it’s well deserved! 😀

  5. Smart boy bringing the mouse back to the middle of the room so it doesn’t get “lost” under the door. I couldn’t tell you how many bottle caps and toys I’ve found in the hall closet because they’ve played them right under that door. 🙂

    That “perfect” photo is wonderful. Got the bookend fluffolicious kitties to hold in the petite pretties. Love it.

    • They’re nearly lined up in order of weight from lightest to heaviest, if Praline and Roux swapped places!

  6. Three grand!?! Woh! Here I was thinking I’d donate to put you over the top and you were overflowing. Your readers are so incredibly generous! such an amazing thing to see. I’ll just save my green papers for another day.

    I have to say, you totally ruined my smug. I was feeling quite chuffed thinking you’d never get those kittens to line up on a bed.. and poof. you did it. impressive.

    I love how Andy’s food seems to have a mind of its own and decided that it needed to be cleaned in the middle of play.

  7. yay! so glad you will have more than enough to cover his care. You have been a resource to me with all things kitteh for a long time, and you have been the blog I turn to when I need a smile for even longer. I wish I could have given more, but am glad I could help in anyway. What you and Fred provide to your permanent residents and fosters is invaluable. I hope one day to be in the same position! Give lots and lots of loves to Franklin Beans from his friend in the NorthWest. <3

  8. Am I the only one who thinks Andouille’s “school picture smile” makes him (or at least his face) look suspiciously like a possum? Maybe it’s all the sharp, pointy teeth.

  9. When do they get sent off to the doc to get spayed and neutered? I assume the 2 will head off to Petsmart soon. Mama too? The batch in waiting will be with you such a short time.

    • They should be ready for spaying and neutering in another three weeks. Andouille and Beignet are headed home on June 19th (they’re actually going to be foster-to-adopt, so they’ll go before they’re fixed), and then the girls should be ready soon after. Nola’s already been spayed, so she won’t be long behind them. The fosters in waiting will be with me for a month, or thereabouts, I think. Maybe a little less. We’ll *just* have time to fall in love with them before they’re off!