6-7-17 Wednesday

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I visited with my fosters-in-waiting last week, and am finally getting around to sharing their pictures. They are some serious little cutie pies!

Reminder: if you go over to the WZYP post on Facebook, you can suggest names for the kittens and mama. I’ll choose names after midnight tonight, and will hopefully remember to introduce them in Friday’s post!

“What doon, weird lady?”

Not sure what he thinks about me.

Sweet boy.

“Lady, your lap. I needs to sit in it.” This girl is a pistol, is what she is.

Mama sure is a pretty one.

They really enjoy hanging out in there! (Thanks to Challenger’s House volunteer Ashley, who sent me that picture.)

Om nom.

Havin’ a think.

Craaaaaaaazy eyes!

After I hung out and snuggled with these kittens, I got to snuggle with THESE kittens:


And Ressler.

They’re named after characters from Black List – they’re siblings now, but not actually related. Agnes loves Susan’s dog Jodi and they were playing together when I was there. Ressler (who had only been there for a couple of days) was NOT having Jodi’s nonsense. It’s amazing how viciously a wee kitten can hiss and spit.

“What? I’m a good girl!”


Monday morning I was leaving the kitten room, and Andouille and Roux decided they wanted out. So, I let ’em out to explore the upstairs.

Roux – who tends toward throwing on that Floof Suit in the calmest of times – saw Frankie and went ::FLOOF!::

Andouille spotted Frankie and stomped on over. They sniffed noses.

Frankie hissed gently.

And Andouille immediately backed away, half-heartedly put on his Floof Suit, and huffed “WELL. That was RUDE.”

I let them stay out a few minutes longer, then scooped them up and put them back in their room.

Roux on the left, Praline on the right.

Playful Roux.

Keeping an eye on the food, I guess.

Yep, Beignet flew again. Nope, I still didn’t get a better picture. Once again, I didn’t expect it!

A basket full o’ Roux.


Videos! In the first one, those kittens have the hippity-hops.

YouTube link

And in the second one, Roux carries her dog fur cat toy around. It’s nearly as big as she is!

YouTube link


If you know Alice Mo, you know she’s looking at her Daddy holding a piece of ham, because the combination of the two is a perfect day in Alice Mo land.

YouTube link


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6-7-17 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. I think Andouille has the moves of Bluto from Animal House and the video confirms it. Love him!

    So – are Ages and Ressler your fosters in waiting too?

  2. All Beignet needs is a little red cape!
    Hippity Hop – What the hell kind of drugs are you giving those babies? LOLOLOL

  3. So I just went to look at all the name suggestions… I don’t envy you trying to come up with a cohesive theme from those lists! Will you have any restrictions, like can’t use previously used names?

  4. watching those videos, all we can think is “good thing Andy is cute, cause he sure isn’t the brains of the operation” πŸ™‚ the flying picture is pretty amazing

  5. Cuties! Speaking of which, if y’all haven’t met or just want to reminisce, Stompers makes his appearance back in 2012. HE was one character!

  6. The fancy sofa has fancy pillows! Have those always been there?

    Nola’s kittens just keep getting cuter! I want to squeeze all of them.