3-27-23 Monday

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In case you missed it on social media over the weekend, Marsali and Joanie were adopted and went home on Saturday! Someone came to meet them on Friday, fell in love, and on Saturday they were able to go home. Marsali is now Marci, and Joanie is now Joni!

They’ve got a new big (kitty) sister named Pyxis (after the constellation, not the medication dispensing doohickey), who they will eventually meet, but it will go very slowly. Hopefully they will all learn to be the best of friends.

Oh, and Joni? Who took like two days to decide that I wasn’t so bad and it was okay to cuddle with me eventually? Took her about half an hour to climb into her new Mom’s lap on Friday. And Saturday? 5 minutes to climb into Dad’s lap. Too sweet!


In case you were worried that Daisy isn’t getting any one-on-one time, she’s making sure to demand it.

“Yeah, they’re fine.”

Zelda and Myrtle have a cuddle.

Nick’s checking out Daisy’s paw.

I’m telling you, this is one girl who is not the least bit stressed.

Not sure which I find cuter: Jay’s little pink toes, his round white belly, or his head resting on his paw. Awww.

Lined up at the milk bar, from left: Nick, Myrtle, Zelda and Jay.

Jay says Zelda’s an excellent pillow.

Jay’s copying Myrtle’s favorite belly-up position.

Peeking over the side. (Not really – Nick’s eyes aren’t open at all yet, and Myrtle’s got one eye just a tiny bit open. I don’t think they’re seeing anything yet.)

Myrtle says Nick makes a better pillow than an explorer.

Before you go getting ALL EXCITED about the fact that Marsali and Joanie were adopted and so that surely means we’re getting more fosters, NO. That is not happening. What’s happening this week is that I will be painting the kitten room (more about that in a sec) and next weekend Daisy and her kittens will be gaining possession of the room. And THEN I will be painting my office, and then it will be becoming my office again!

About the painting: we hired a crew last summer to scrape our popcorn ceilings and also paint some of the rooms. One of the rooms they painted was the kitten room, and I don’t know if it’s because they were trying to finish by Friday so they were in a rush OR they figured we wouldn’t realize they’d done a crappy job of it until they’d been paid and were gone, but they sure did do a crappy job on the upstairs rooms. SUPPOSEDLY they used Sherwin-Williams paint, which is SUPPOSEDLY a great paint, but the first time I had to wipe a sneeze mark off the kitten room wall, the paint came off with it, leaving a big swath of the previous color exposed. I was SO MAD (and still kinda am, to be honest.)

So I’ve been wanting to repaint that room ever since. We’re staying with the same color, because I really like it. Since I’ll be doing the painting myself, I know that a decent job will be done.

I absolutely LOATHE painting (gotta do the trim too, since they spattered wall paint on the trim while they were at it, oh I am filled with joy). Best-case scenario, y’all won’t even be able to tell the difference. Worst-case scenario? You’ll see me on the news running down the street tearing my hair out and yelling all the swear words. Thoughts and prayers during this challenging time would be appreciated.


An ollld shot of Dewey, who continues to avoid the camera because he’s MEAN (but beautiful.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) this weekend.

I mean, if Myrtle could just learn to relax a little… (Left to right: Jay, Myrtle, Zelda & Nick)

Zelda’s all “Wait. Hold up. I have HOW MANY toes?” 20 toes, Zelda. You got 20 toes – 5 on each foot. It just LOOKS like more.

YouTube link
Did you know that kittens can’t urinate or defecate on their own until they’re 3 – 4 weeks old? Until then their mother stimulates them by licking (and then, yes, she consumes the output.) I know it sounds gross – you don’t see me volunteering to lend Daisy a hand (er, tongue) – but the mothers don’t seem to mind.

The one time we had a father cat present – that would be Charles of Charles, Caroline & the Half Pints back in 2019 – he was more than happy to help potty the kittens.

I opened the foster room door yesterday so that Marsali and Joanie could have more room (this basically doubles their space – they get a short hallway, the bathroom, and my bedroom to explore.) It was a little overwhelming at first, but by the end of the day they were both checking things out!

I just love it when I get all 4 of them in a row like this. From left: Nick, Myrtle, Jay and Zelda.)

Good night innernets. (Joanie loves to knock the crown bed to the floor and push the bed cushion out of the way. Comfier this way, I guess!)

Good morning kittens, the milk bar is open and ready to serve you! (Kittens, left to right: Zelda, Jay, Nick & Myrtle)

Myrtle’s all “Hi innernets, hi. I only gots the regulation number of toes, but look how CUTE they are!”

Again, Myrtle. If you could just somehow relax! (Left to right: Jay, Myrtle, Zelda and Nick)

YouTube link
Is that smile on Daisy’s face not the CUTEST? (And oh yeah – those kittens are pretty cute, too!)

Hooray, hooray, Joanie and Marsali were adopted (together!) today! They are staying locally here in the Huntsville (Alabama) area and will have a big (kitty) sister named Pyxis. They’ll be known as Joni and Marci, and will be spoiled rotten. Happy life, sweet girls! ❤️❤️❤️⁠

(Adoption pie! My favorite!)

Good night innernets. (Myrtle’s toes, Jay’s face, Zelda’s behind, and off in the distance Nick’s head.)

The kittens are 1 week old (as of last night) and this is what they look like now! If you think you see Zelda’s eyes opening, you are correct. I’m also seeing glimpses of eyeballs on Jay and Myrtle, but Nick seems pretty sure there’s nothing out here worth seeing, thank you. Eyes usually open when kittens are 7 – 10 days old, so these guys are right on track. Myrtle and Jay have shed their umbilical cords, but Nick and Zelda are still hanging on to theirs. Kittens generally lose their umbilical cords by the time they’re a week old, but I once had a kitten keep hers ’til she was 3 weeks old; some kittens just have a hard time letting go, I guess. There’s no redness, swelling or oozing, so I’m not concerned and you shouldn’t be either. Well, unless you like to worry (which I can relate to), in which case have at it. 🙃

I walked into the room and peeked into the crate, and Jay and Myrtle were both belly-up. I fumbled my phone out of my pocket, and by the time I was in position to take this picture, Jay had turned over. 😭 (THANKS A LOT, JAY.)⁠

Left to right: Jay the picture ruiner, Nick, Myrtle and Zelda.

YouTube link
In case you missed it, Marsali and Joanie were adopted (together) and went home yesterday! They are now known as Marci and Joni, and will have an older (kitty) sister named Pyxis. They were with us for exactly two weeks, and here’s a video montage of their stay with us, from “hello” to adoption.

Daisy considers her life choices.

YouTube link
Mama’s little hissers. Seriously, this litter has hissed WAY less than previous litters. They’re too chill, and I’m gonna need them to step up their game. (Seriously, though, their eyes are starting to open so I think the little hissing we’re seeing is coming to an end. Hmph.)

Mama hugs are the best hugs, Myrtle would like you to know.

Good night innernets. (Nick)


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