3-9-23 Thursday

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Lilly in the crown bed. (A bird had just flown RIGHT by the window, thus the wide eyes.)

Lincoln says “Tsk, tsk. Someone needs to clean these mirrors.”

Lilly in the window, watching bugs.

I put a cat video on the TV (YouTube, Mice in the Jerry Mouse Hole), and Lincoln and Lilly were enthralled.

Lilly wandered off to drink some water, and came back to watch from floor level.

(I started to worry that Lincoln was going to launch himself at the TV, so finally turned it off. The TV is mounted to the wall so would have held his weight, but I don’t particularly want the screen to get scratched up.)

Lilly knocked the crown bed onto the floor and was extremely pleased with herself.


Daisy has some belly time.

“What kittens?”

She spends a lot of time on the middle level of the cat tree (which I moved from the foster room because she liked it so much), alternately snoozing and looking out the window at the sights.

Tuesday night, I thought we were going to have kittens. I checked in on her (via the Nest camera mounted on the wall) around 9:30, and saw that she’d gone into one of the crates. I figured she was just checking it out, but when she didn’t come out after half an hour, I thought “WHYYYYY didn’t I put a camera in the crate?!” (The wall-mounted camera could show me that she had gone into the crate, but I couldn’t see what was going on IN the crate.) We had an extra Nest camera that wasn’t being used, so I grabbed it and went in to check on Daisy and plug in the camera. She came sauntering out of the crate, greeted me, checked out the camera as I plugged it in, and then told me she was hungry. I gave her a Churu, hung out with her for a while longer, and then went back to bed. I checked on her via the 2 Nest cameras at various points through the night, and doesn’t it figure? She didn’t go near the crate again. And she still hasn’t had kittens.

Obviously she knows how to mess with me.


Newt, Jake and Charlie hanging around the kitchen.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Daisy’s all “FINE. You wanna see the belly, here’s the belly. Happy?”

Oh, you guys. Check out these cuties who are being fostered by another Forgotten Felines of Huntsville foster family. This blind house panther (Nikolai) and his floofy orange best buddy Pulitzer are looking for a home. They were pulled from a local shelter, and Nikolai’s eyes were so badly infected that they needed to be removed. Given a little time to acclimate (and some guidance from his “seeing eye cat” Pulitzer), Nikolai gets around just fine. They’re a bonded pair who need to be adopted together – and they get along with kids, dogs, and other cats. They love to play (brave Nikolai is particularly fond of defending the home from brooms) and cuddle up together. They’ll be 2 years old in August, and it would be awesome to see them find their forever home.

Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org with any questions.

They are neutered and up to date on vaccinations. They are located in Huntsville, Alabama – out of area adoptions are allowed, but adopters must come here to complete the adoption. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire!

YouTube link
I downloaded a couple of games* onto my iPad for the kittens, and they were pretty interested!

*Cat Alone & Cat Alone 2. The best thing is that the kittens can’t accidentally stop the game – you have to drag a “key” to a “lock” at the top of the screen to stop it.

Lincoln’s all “Hmm. I AM awfully good-looking. That lady knows what she’s talking about!”

YouTube link
A quick “tour” of the space where Daisy is now, in case you were curious. It’s not the biggest room, but Daisy seems pretty happy with it.

“Well, it’s not in the best shape, but I can sell tacos out of it, I suppose,” says Lilly.

Good night innernets. (Lincoln & Lilly)


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