3-9-21 Tuesday

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Things APPEAR to be working on the site, at least for right now, let’s all cross our fingers that things STAY working.

In the meantime, I got a bunch of comment-questions yesterday, so let’s address those.

There was a comment yesterday (by Jennifer) about you keeping Canasta which I had already commented about and you, of course, ignored. I’m just putting in my two cents again to say I still think this. Your sidebar needs to be evened up with another permie photo beside Charley’s photo! What does Fred think? Can he be enlisted in the cause?

Since ignoring the question doesn’t appear to be making it go away: There is zero chance that Canasta will become a permanent resident.

When answering this question in the past (because it is suggested over and over and over again with literally every single cat and kitten we have ever fostered), I’ve earnestly explained the reasoning behind why said cat or kitten would not be joining us as a permanent resident. That has led to people explaining back to me how I’m wrong. As a result y’all don’t get an explanation. You’ll have to assume that there are reasons and they are valid.

Canasta is awesome and whoever adopts her will be a lucky family. If YOU would like to adopt her in 3-ish months when her kittens are weaned, you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

(This is not a request for negotiation.)


I’ve also noticed that you can tell the three black-and-whites apart by how far the black comes down over their eyes: Uno: outer corners of both eyes; Slapjack: right side only; Rummy: full eye coverage.

That’s exactly how I tell them apart!


I asked this as a comment to one of your photos, but in case you haven’t seen it, when do you think you’ll be getting the results of Khal’s DNA test?

Initially they said that it would take 4-6 weeks (and it’s been 3 weeks since they received it), but yesterday afternoon I got an email from Basepaws (the company doing the testing) saying that it might take an additional 1 – 2 weeks because they work with partners who are doing a lot of COVID testing, which has slowed things down. So we’re in for a few more weeks.


Now that their eyes are opening, how long will it be until they are able to focus? And what about their hearing? Do they start hearing about the same time as they can see? That would be quite the shock to the kitten psyche! And why have I never wondered about this before??? Maybe it’s because these kittens looked so much more “grown up” when they were born….

I don’t really know how long it’ll take them to focus – I feel pretty sure that at this point everything is blurry shadows to them. Maybe a weeks or two?

As for hearing, their hearing kicks in at about 2 1/2 weeks, though I think that’s a gradual thing, I don’t think it’s a matter of them suddenly waking up and being able to hear.


Those little legs up in the air back there are killing me.

Canasta considers her life choices.

Spreading out!

I love how her tail is draped over a couple of the kittens.

Pinochle has a smug.

A half-hearted hiss from Uno.

Snuggly pile.

Fizzbin wonders why there’s always a butt in her face.

Slapjack peeks out at the world.

Rummy’s all “You rang?”

Eyeballs, eyeballs everywhere.


Dewey and the Ears of Annoyance.


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3-9-21 Tuesday — 25 Comments

  1. Oh, I love their little bud-ears! Won’t be long now before their little blue eyes start making us swoon…

    We don’t see nearly enough of you, Dewey. *smooch*

  2. OMG with the pushy “adopt every cat” people. Just lay off already

    • I know the feeling. Whenever I post on Facebook about one of my fosters, I get comments like, “Do I see a foster fail?” I love all of my fosters, but if I never let any of them go, I couldn’t help any others.

      • Exactly!! (Like it’s not already hard enough to say goodbye, the added pressure to keep a foster just makes it that much worse.)

  3. Oh this bunch!!!! All so incredibly sweet.
    I love their names, I am hoping they ALL keep these names when adopted.

  4. You know, I’m just kind of done in general with the people who think they know what’s best for you and how to run your life better than you do.

    I don’t blame you for not giving an explanation, for the same reason I don’t fault you for not putting in kitten cams. We’re not entitled to any of that! It’s your business and your life, and it’s up to you how much you share, and it’s not okay to demand that you do or don’t do anything for their personal benefit.

    (Pearl-clutching also makes me want to smack people.)

    • THIS. SO MUCH THIS! What is wrong with people? It drives me bonkers! I bet most of them are petless, too. Like, come back to me when you already have to scoop five litterboxes and spray Feliway on everything so fights don’t break out and juggle mealtimes because two of them have special diets and and and…. JEEZ. Just enjoy the pictures, share them if you know folks who are interested in adopting, and mind yer own damn business!

      • YES. Unfortunately, mind your own damn business is in precious short supply in this society. It’s a rant.

  5. I’m thankful that you give us an inside view of bunches of wee kittens growing into sweet little cattens that through your wonderful care find great forever homes. I’ll admit I’ve wanted you to keep a few of the kittens over the years (Moop comes to mind LOL), but It isn’t my place to tell anyone anything. When you adopted my favorite hard to adopt strays – Stefan, Frankie and Khal – I was so happy because I knew you and Fred would love and care for them no matter what. I admire you for doing what you do while having to deal with a bunch of people telling you what to do and yelling at you about spaying cats, etc. Thank you Robyn so very much.

    • This. Heartily seconded. Thank you for sharing as much as you do. Do not feel obligated to share or do more.

  6. Hi Robyn, I adopted my adorable black tortie Ballou from her foster home 15 years ago – it was the first time I had brought a cat home directly from fosters. A couple of weeks before that, I had adopted a big black/smoke boy, Murphy, who looks remarkably like Khal from the local Petsmart. When I went to pick Ballou up after my adoption application was approved, both her foster mom and dad had tears in their eyes before we left. They said that’s what fostering is all about, getting kitties back on their paws and letting them go to their forever homes where they’ll be spoiled rotten. Then they take in the next foster kitty to give them the same love and care. We’re in touch with her foster parents several times a year to share updates and pics. Thank heavens for you and Fred and all the foster moms and dads who give the kitties (and dogs) a soft place to land before they go on to their forever homes!

  7. Robyn, you are awesome and this blog is the best. You do whatever you want as far as keeping kitties bc we all know they go to good homes regardless. On another note, who has the gorgeous stripey tail in the Slapjack photo today? It might actually belong to Slapjack but it’s too hard for me to tell.

    • That is (I’m nearly positive) Whist’s stripey tail! (The other possibility is that it could be Fizzbin, but Fizzbin’s back has much more tabby coloring on it, so I’m going with Whist.)

  8. Oh my gosh, those feet sticking up are just too adorable. And I love the spotted pattern on the left hand kitten in the spreading out photo!

  9. Just in case you are feeling unappreciated, we are so invested in this little beings that we want to know everything. You are doing a fantastic job telling us how things are progressing. Thank you so much!!

    • It’s wonderful to be invested – I am too – but Robyn has rights too, and she knows what she is doing and what is right for her. It’s important that we keep perspective, keep that in mind, and trust in Robyn and in the shelter and vets supporting her. That’s the best way for us to show our respect for her and appreciation for what she does. She’s more than earned that.

  10. Just in case you are feeling unappreciated, we are so invested in this little beings that we want to know everything. You are doing a fantastic job telling us how things are progressing. Thank you so much!!

  11. Canasta AND her kitten(s) have a future in the feline Rockettes!

    (which doesn’t exist, but it COULD)

    Now we just need more pics of kittens with legs in the air!

  12. Thank you all so much – most of the time it doesn’t bother me (I know that what people are really saying is “I love this cat and I will miss them, and I want to be able to see them always”, which I can certainly understand), but yesterday was a bad day with the site issues no one could seem to figure out and I kind of snapped. I appreciate y’all, even the ones who annoy me without intending to. 🙂

  13. It’s something of a paradox, isn’t it? In conveying how lovable a cat or kitten is to potential adopters, your wonderful descriptions will inevitably have some (esp newer) readers assuming that you have grown so attached that you’re considering foster failure. I amuse myself imagining car dealers getting similar comments on their posts: “I looooove Corinthian leather! My first car was a Caddy, and I still miss it! If I lived closer, I’d already have that Cadillac in my garage! My wife would kill me anyhow, if I added another to the 6 cars I already own. But that burgundy looks so good next to the mint green ’65 Mustang on the sales lot – you should keep them both!”