3-8-21 Monday

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In case you missed it yesterday (there were issues going on with the website that caused it to be down for a good part of yesterday morning and UGH SO FRUSTRATINGGGG; hopefully those issues are past now), we have eyes plinking open all over the place. As of right now, Uno’s the only one without any open eyes. Rummy has one open eye; everyone else has both eyes in various state of open-ness, though I don’t think they’re actually seeing very much with those brand new eyeballs.

Whist had a goopy eye yesterday, so I was in the process of holding her and using a warm wet cloth to wipe off the dried goop from around her eye so I could then put a dab of ointment in, and Canasta said “Nope, I’ll take that,” grabbed her from me, and carried her into the crate. Imagine how thrilled she was when I took Whist back so I could actually put the ointment in her eye. She wasn’t mad, but she did say “I am very disappointed in you, weird lady.”

Whist went right back to sleep.

Pile o’ cute. (Please admire Fizzbin straddling the pile.)

Whist is pretty sure all the other kittens (in this case Rummy) exist to serve as pillows for her.

Pinochle’s all “Wuh?”

Another look at the pile. Is it just me, or (lower middle of the pic) does Pinochle’s tabby patch look like a turkey?

Slapjack and the half-hearted hiss.

I’ve gotten a few questions about the toes, and I don’t know if any of the kittens will have some black beans like their mother. Most of the toes I’m seeing are either pink or this grayish-pink color (on Pinochle’s back toes.) Will they get darker as he gets older? We’ll see!

I think we’ve got Rummy acting as a pillow for Slapjack, Fizzbin and Uno.

The three brown tabbies in a row. Left to right: Whist, Fizzbin and Pinochle.


“You heard her, lady. Put that baby DOWN.”


Oh, that Khal.

Not only magnificent, but also kind of a goober. The perfect combination!


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3-8-21 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. Now that their eyes are opening, how long will it be until they are able to focus? And what about their hearing? Do they start hearing about the same time as they can see? That would be quite the shock to the kitten psyche! And why have I never wondered about this before??? Maybe it’s because these kittens looked so much more “grown up” when they were born….

  2. I couldn’t access your site this morning, so I deleted the part at the end with the date and it came right up. I don’t know, but maybe that’s a clue to whatever is causing the problem. Feel free to delete this comment — I just wanted to pass that bit of info on to you.

  3. Hi Robyn, I asked this as a comment to one of your photos, but in case you haven’t seen it, when do you think you’ll be getting the results of Khal’s DNA test?

  4. There was a comment yesterday (by Jennifer) about you keeping Canasta which I had already commented about and you, of course, ignored. I’m just putting in my two cents again to say I still think this. Your sidebar needs to be evened up with another permie photo beside Charley’s photo! What does Fred think? Can he be enlisted in the cause?

  5. That picture of the three tabby-and-whites, nose to nose, has got to be one of the cutest I’ve seen of this bunch so far.
    I’ve also noticed that you can tell the three black-and-whites apart by how far the black comes down over their eyes: Uno: outer corners of both eyes; Slapjack: right side only; Rummy: full eye coverage.