3-28-23 Tuesday

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The milk bar is hoppin’.

Now everyone’s milk drunk.

Nick regards his toes.

Yes indeed, you do see some Myrtle eyes peeking through!

Zelda’s eyes are mostly open.

Jay’s eyes are coming along.

Sleepy little pile.

Jay checks out the ceiling of the crate.

Mama gets some scritchin’.

The kittens are sound asleep.

Phase one of painting (cleaning, filling holes, moving everything out of the way) is complete. Today, the actual painting begins. (The anticipation is always worse than the actual painting, I find. Which doesn’t make me any more eager to get to the actual painting, of course.)


Charlie’s enjoying the sun (and keeping an eye on me).


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Ooh, yum: 4-kitten pie! My favorite!

Jay sure does love his mama. ❤️

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In case you hadn’t heard, the milk bar is the happenin’ place to be!

Oh that little pink belly and those little pink toes – SO CUTE! (Jay)

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Life in the crate is unbearably cute. In case you wondered!

Good night innernets. (Left to right: Zelda, Jay, Nick & Myrtle)


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