3-29-23 Wednesday

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Myrtle and Jay find Zelda to be a super comfy pillow.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Jay, Zelda, Myrtle and Nick. (Nick is actually lying half under Myrtle, and Zelda has her paw over his face.)

I think Jay was dreaming about nursing.

Myrtle’s head is up, but I think she was sound asleep.

Well she’s definitely out cold here.

Zelda’s eyes are open and she is JUDGING me.

The milk bar is getting more crowded by the day.

I think Myrtle gets her belly-up moves from her mama.

Painting update: the walls are painted. It took me something like 8 hours and required an emergency trip to Lowe’s by Fred (one gallon of paint wasn’t enough), but it looks pretty good! Today: the trim and hopefully also the closet (where the litter boxes are kept, which will hopefully not take NEARLY as long as the room did.) I reiterate: I HAAATE PAINTING.

(Side note: I am using Valspar paint from Lowe’s. They matched the color already on the walls (Sherwin Williams “Rice Terrace”), and it matches exactly. We’ve used Valspar paint in the last three houses, and have always really liked it.)


Old man Newt loves sleeping on Fred’s bed all day long.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

We have eyeballs! They’re slowly creaking open, but they’re getting there!

Nick’s all “Excuse me, tryin’ to spend time with my Mama. You mind?”

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Dispatches from the crate: kittens snoozing in the crate, mama getting scritches (and very happy about it!) and then a bit of the milk bar. But someone’s missing! (Zelda was in my lap. Where I put her. She didn’t climb into my lap – she’s still a tiny baby. Give her a few weeks.)

I had Zelda in my lap, and Daisy wandered over to give her the ol’ lickeroo.

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Well, looks like now that Zelda’s eyes are mostly open, she’s found her tortietude. Look at those hisses!

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It’s potty time in the crate! (Potty time excellent!) (Note to future me: name two boy kittens Wayne and Garth so I can post picture of them in the litter box with the caption “Potty on, Wayne. Potty on, Garth.”)

Good night innernets. (Daisy and (from left) Myrtle, Jay, Zelda, and Nick acting as a pillow.)


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