3-22-23 Wednesday

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Jay loves to hook his chin over his nearest sibling and then fall asleep.

Zelda (front) checks in with Mama. (If you look closely, you can see Zelda’s back right foot has 5 toes – cats usually have 4 toes on their back feet – and 3 of them are white. I am trying very hard to get a picture of each foot for y’all.)

So much milk bar action going on.

Nick would like you to know that Myrtle makes an excellent pillow.

Daisy gives Jay the ol’ snifferoo.

Jay atop the pile.

Myrtle at the milk bar. (Sounds like a good title for a book, no? Maybe a series about a crime-solving calico.)

Sweet little family. (Left to right: Myrtle, Jay, Nick and Zelda.)

If you’re interested in seeing the weight chart for these kittens, you can see it here. The link also lives toward the bottom of their page (link to their page is in the sidebar; click on Daisy’s picture.) I usually weigh them daily for the first week or two, and then weekly after that.

If you’re interested in comparing their weights to the weight of previous fosters, see the comparison chart here.


Joanie in the sun, looking serious and mysterious.

Marsali would like some pettin’, thank you.

Joanie pie? My FAVORITE.

I brought that big round scratcher bowl into the foster room because Khal wasn’t using it (he has one downstairs that he uses all the time, but this one was upstairs and going ignored), and Marsali immediately claimed it for herself.


Rocco, the not-ours cat (also, Charlie’s nemesis) in his heated bed on the front porch, looking smug. (The pattern you see on his fur is a reflection of the pants I was wearing when I took the picture through the window.)


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Zelda stops on the way to the milk bar to give mama a hug.

Myrtle’s got places to go!

YouTube link
While mama Daisy is off eating, we’ll admire the kitten mosh pit.

Not only is Marsali a cutie pie, you can totally grab that belly and she lets you. She’s such a gentle sweetheart!

YouTube link
Marsali shows off her jumpin’ skills. She doesn’t jump as high as Joanie does, probably because she’s much heavier. But she does pretty good!

Jay’s all “Mama, you gots a BIG foot!”

Good night innernets. (Joanie)


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