3-22-19 Friday

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The babies and Pa seem to have quite big paws. Is it just the angle?


Is it just me or do all those kittens seem to possess enormous paws? I’m guessing they might take after Pa and grow into fairly hefty adults.

Those kittens – especially the boys – have biiig paws. I think they’re going to be big like their Pa. The girls’ paws don’t seem as big to me – but maybe they’ll be big like their Pa, too. Can’t you just imagine tiny delicate Caroline surrounded by Charles and huge kittens in a couple of months?


Is it just lighting or my eyes, or do the boys seem to be developing into more brown tabby colors while the girls are greyer?

The boys definitely have more brown than the girls. If it wasn’t for some brown highlights around their faces, I’d almost call the girls silver tabbies.


Is it getting any easier yet to tell the kittens apart (with the exception of Laura) in person, without checking the nail polish?


Can you tell the kittens apart yet, without using the ear tip colors? It looks like Willie has a lighter face and almost an orange tint to his fur. He’s SUCH a darling boy! Those belly dots of his kill me!

I can tell Willie from the others due to the caramel coloring on his face, I know Mary due to her attitude, and how dark her back is (if you look at Willie and Mary from above, they’re both so dark that I can’t tell which is which, but if I can see their faces, I have no problem.) I know Laura due to her feet, of course, though I think I wouldn’t have a problem because she’s so much lighter than the others. Almanzo and Albert are the hardest to tell apart because they look SO much alike! I think I’ve figured it out, but it doesn’t show all that well in pictures: Albert’s nose is dark, and Almanzo’s is clay colored with a dark outline. I think if I could get a good picture of their faces, straight-on, and could stare back and forth between them, I’d be able to pick out different markings, but as it is they’re both pretty wiggly and not inclined to sit still for pictures or to be stared at. I’ll figure it out eventually, I’m sure – I always do!

I’m about at the point where I’d be comfortable putting collars on them since Caroline isn’t carrying them around any more (I’m not entirely sure she CAN carry those little chunky monkeys). I have brightly colored velcro whelping collars (like these; that’s an affiliate link) I’ll use. I’ll probably do that in the next week or so, as the polish on their ears wears off.


Oh, that Laura.

I do believe Almanzo has a skeptical.

Mary has a bath while Willie supervises.

“That’s right, lady, I needs a good neck rub.” (Albert)

Almanzo, nibbling on my finger and thinking about how I taste too human-y.

That box – which you may or may not recognize as the box Emmy gave birth in back in 2012 – is one that Fred built. I’ve been using it to block the doorway so that the kittens can’t roam out of the room, but Charles and Caroline can come and go as they wish. Here, Charles is staring at the door to Fred’s office, wondering if it might open (it eventually did – Charles and Caroline get random access to Fred’s office depending on whether there are permanent residents hanging out in there and, honestly, how loudly Charles is howling about wanting in.)

Climbers gotta climb.

Laura on the lower level, Albert on the middle level… and no one on the top level.

Almanzo doesn’t quite understand why he can’t climb the side of that cabinet.

Doesn’t Willie have delightful stripes?

On Monday, I told Teresa that I was sure I’d walk into the room to see a kitten on the bed soon enough. Yesterday, I did. Mary was curled up, sound asleep.

Caroline came to check on her, and Mary was all “AWWW YEAH, MILK BAR TO MYSELF!”

Then Caroline wandered off, and Mary was all “AWWW YEAH, PA TO MYSELF!”

There’s a small cat tree on either side of the bed, so once Mary decided she wanted down, she was able to get down easily enough. Now how long do you suppose it’ll be before I walk in to find ALL the kittens sleeping on the bed? That’ll be an awesome nap time!


Percy the dachshund will be with us for two weeks (we’re dogsitting while his owners are on vacation), and it’s been a rough couple of days. The cats are now excluded from the upstairs during the day because of the fosters, and now the front living room and computer room are blocked off from the rest of the downstairs so that Percy can’t get to the litter boxes or the cat food (the big doorway between the front and back living room is blocked off with a baby gate. If the cats want to get into that room, they can – but they don’t, at least not yet). Percy would LIKE to be friends with the cats, but the cats aren’t having it (some cats are more scared than others – I can actually imagine Frankie and Khal eventually coexisting peacefully alongside Percy.) Luckily, Percy is respectful of cats and doesn’t get all up in their space.

(I should note that the cats have access to the entire house at night, with the exception of the foster room and guest bedroom. Well, and Fred’s bedroom. But other than that, they’ve got plenty of space to spread out.)


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3-22-19 Friday — 7 Comments

  1. Well, Mary probably thought it was high time she paid her respects to the awesome Uncle Stefan. What better way to do so than to nap in his presence.

    This family is so adorable, I can hardly stand it. Charles and Caroline are the power couple. “Charoline”, if you will.

  2. In the photo of Pa on the wooden box, his dark markings look like he has some kind of collared lizard clinging to his back.

  3. “Can’t you just imagine tiny delicate Caroline surrounded by Charles and huge kittens in a couple of months?”
    – Yes. I can. And she will rule them all with her tiny little Iron Paw.

  4. Oh, and I love Khal’s little beady eyes as he surveys Percy on his turf. He’s probably thinking “huh, do I go all Dothraki on his ass, or do I clean his ears…”.

  5. I’m now anticipating, in a week or so, a picture of Frankie, Khal and Percy in a snuggle pile… Wishful thinking, I’m sure, but still! Squeeeee!

    I forgot about the white dot on the end of Charles’s tail. Awwwww!