3-22-18 Thursday

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Big paw, little gray kitten.

Katia’s right outside the crate (you can see her to the right), keeping an eye on things and ready to go back in if help is needed.

Torvill and his buddy.

LOOK at all those happy little kittens.

Streeeetch. If you look very closely at the little orange kitten there between Kristi’s arms, you can see that he has an extra thumb on one paw. When I realized that, I immediately went in to see if we had any other polydactyls, but that’s the only one. And only on one paw.

Foot sniffer.

That look on Dean’s face is killing me dead. He’s like “They’re so LITTLE, but they’re EVERYWHERE!”


Dean and his little buddy (one of them. All the little ones seem to gravitate to the big kittens.)

Talk about covered in kittens!

Pile o’ cute.

More cute.


Katarina’s all “This one is MINE.”

Kitten as Scarf.


Videos! The first one is actually a video I posted to Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook Tuesday night. Dean decided his little uncle-aunts needed cleaning while they were climbing all over him, so he took care of it. It just about killed me dead.

YouTube link

In the second, you can see that Kristi’s kittens have hit their hissing stage. TERRIFYING.

YouTube link



YouTube link


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3-22-18 Thursday — 22 Comments

  1. Video One is now officially my Serenity Now. Video Two has rendered me speechless. There is nothing more to be said.

    (Oh, hi Alice! You are such a pretty girl *kiss kiss kiss*!)

  2. Ok…mercy…they are all so cute!
    It is shocking the size difference between the two litters. I guess if you don’t have the comparison, you just don’t realize the size increase!

    He/she isn’t a polydactyl….he/she is a pawdactyl. 🙂

  3. Have you ever had a polydactyl before, Robyn? I have a couple, including one that has seven toes on her front paws!

  4. *kathunk* I think today’s post is the ALL-TIME cutest thing ever!
    <3 <3 <3

  5. The cute is strong in this post. But I have to say that in the “Kitten as scarf” picture, Katia seems to be saying to an offscreen Kristi, “Let’s have all the kittens in one crate, you said. It will be simpler and really fun, you said…”

    Alice is gorgeous!

  6. Are you able to pet Katia yet, or is she still wary of humans? These kitties are the cutest!

  7. Have you made any more progress with Katia? I have my fingers crossed she keeps warming up!

  8. I had the cat as scarf the other night. I woke up not able to breathe because Banderling was draped across my face. So I went to push him off and he just relocated to my neck. I could breathe at least so I let him stay. Woke up to wet hair because he was drooling he was so happy. LOL

    This has got to be one of the best posts ever!

    Katarina is all, “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.” Love!

  9. Is there a lot of noise coming from the crate (squeaking, meowing, whimpering, etc.) with the sweet pile o’ kittens? I would think so!

  10. When both moms are in the crate, do the kittens nurse on their own mom’s Or do they crawl up to whichever spot is free on either milk bar?

    Also, when we had litters, after a bit each kitten had his own nipple and would fight for it. Any of that behavior yet?

  11. How soon will it be before they won’t all fit into the crate?? It’s kind of crowded in there already!

  12. Oh my gosh, a little orange thumbs up kitten! Only one paw? He can only rule half of the world then, sorry kitten, it takes two thumbs to rule the whole world.

    Those videos! Oh I’m dead from the cute! Between the tiny mews and the hisses, that’s almost a song there! “Now playing on the top 40, “Hello, I hate you, give me that nipple” by The 2 Generationz!” Played on continuous repeat please!

  13. Hi, Robyn! I was away from the blog for almost a year and so many things have happened! You moved! Tandem pregnancies! Poo paint!
    I’m writing you because my 3 and half year old cat was recently diagnosed FIP+. After almost crying my eyes out I’ve decided I have to make the most of our time together. What should I expect going forward? How can I make everything smoother for her when her health starts deteriorating? Should I really avoid adopting other kittens to keep them from being infected? Thank you for your input.
    Much love to you and all your readers who are always willing to give adivce.

  14. Besides practicing for the future, does kitten hissing serve any purpose?

    Or does that stop predators from attacking them since they’re being so gosh darn cute?

  15. Just how much fun is it to have 10 newborn kittens in your house?? How much housework or daily chores do you get done?? They would have to carry me out of the foster room DAILY…