3-10-23 Friday

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Charlie doesn’t like Trixie?? Wow!! Interesting that he tolerates all the new kittens but not an adult visitor/interloper. But he respects all the other perms.
How is Charlie with Rocco? Similar reaction? Or don’t they interact much?

Oh, Charlie completely hates Rocco. If his dislike for Trixie is a 5 or 6 (on a scale of 1 – 10), his hatred for Rocco is at a 10. I don’t think he’d ever tolerate having Rocco in the house. It probably doesn’t help that Rocco walks around behind the fence in the back yard, locks gazes with Charlie, and sprays the trees back there. Charlie would love to get his teeth in Rocco’s throat.


Lilly was minding her own business and ALONG CAME LINCOLN.

Lilly was incensed. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Then she realized he was giving her a bath, and she was all “Hmm. Okay, I can live with this.”

And Lincoln made sure her ears were very, very clean.


There’s my Daisy pie (my favorite!)

She’s all “My eyes are up HERE, lady.”

You know, when I got Daisy I did the math to figure out when the latest she might have her kittens would be, and when I saw that it was March 19th, I was kind of excited. Because first of all, that’s my sister’s birthday. And second of all, Kate had her kittens on March 19, 2013, then five years later Kristi had her kittens on March 19, 2018, and how cool would it be if I had kittens born every five years on my sister’s birthday?

I don’t think Daisy’s got another 10 days in her, though. I seriously think (if she hasn’t had her kittens by the time I get up and check on her this morning)(Edited to add: 7:35 am, no kittens), it’ll be this weekend. Just a feeling!


Jake in his pink cube, keeping warm and wondering where the sun went.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

No kitten yet, in case you wondered. Here’s a belly shot from last Wednesday (left) and yesterday. The belly has definitely grown!⁠

She’s spent some time in the crate, snoozing (some pregnant cats nest before they give birth; some don’t. Daisy is still spending most of her time on the cat tree), she’s eating voraciously (some cats don’t eat much in the day or so before they go into labor; some eat right up until the point they start labor. And some pause mid-labor to have a snack.) I still think we’ve got a little more time.⁠

(Fun fact: Daisy is our 16th pregnant cat since 2008.)

Uncle Charlie came a-visitin’ last night, and Lilly donned her floof suit for the occasion. She only stayed floofed for a minute or so, and by the time Charlie decided it was time to leave the room, she was playing near him. Lincoln, on the other hand, jumped up on the cat tree and watched from a safe distance. (Hopefully Charlie will be up for future visits to the foster room.)

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Throw Back Thursday: A round up of all the pregnant fosters we’ve had. (Note: this is ONLY the mamas who came to us while pregnant.) You can read more details about ALLLL our mamas (including the fakers!) on this page right here.

Oh dear, oh dear – it looks like Hurricane Lincoln hit the fish taco truck, and the whole underneath got knocked sideways! (Luckily it’s an easy fix.)

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Watching Lincoln & Lilly play.

Good night innernets. (Lincoln)


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