3-1-23 Wednesday

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The view from above.

Gestatin’ is tiring work.

She loves to hang out atop this cat tree.

Over the weekend, I could hear a loud banging noise in the foster room. When I looked in to see what was going on – you remember the cabinet under the window, where Mimosa gave birth? Daisy had been digging at one of those doors. Both doors were blocked by little cat trees, so she couldn’t get either of them open, but you know what? If Daisy wants to give birth in that cabinet, she is MORE than welcome to do so. So now one of the doors is propped mostly open, the bottom of the cabinet is covered by a washable pee pad, and there are a couple of soft blankets on top of it. She’s checked it out a few times, but she’s also checked out the crate I set up for her – so I guess we’ll see (and none of us will be surprised if she decides to have them somewhere else entirely.)


It is utterly ridiculous how cute Lincoln is.

He considers the feather teaser.

Just. So. CUTE.

It’s a Lilly pie! (My favorite!)

Just off camera, Fred was waving the feather teaser around. Her flat ears are cracking me up.

Fred brought Lincoln down into the bathroom to hang out with Lilly, and while you might have expected a sweet slow-motion run into each others’ arms, they basically just looked at each other and shrugged.

The separation continues to go well. Lilly’s making huge leaps forward; Lincoln’s inching forward (but making definite progress.) The funny thing is that when they’re together, he’s the more confident one. When they’re apart, she is.


Jake, enjoying the sunshine. (Don’t get used to it, Jake. Rain’s a-comin’.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

YouTube link
Here’s a video introducing our newest foster Daisy (as seen on the blog post this morning as well.)
The important points:
*Her name is Daisy. We’ve had her since last Wednesday.
*About 3 years old
*Pregnant (confirmed by x-ray; at least 3 kittens, possibly more)
*Due by March 19th (at the latest)
*Litter naming theme: The Great Gatsby

And yes, we still have Lincoln and Lilly. Depending on how things go with those two, we’re hoping they can join Daisy in the foster room (if she’ll allow it) by the end of the week.

Lilly’s da baybee. (This is Fred holding her. She only puts up with it for a few moments, but that she puts up with it at all is impressive!)

Oh Lincoln, ya little poser.

It takes a lot of grooming to keep all those toes clean.

YouTube link
A very short video of Lincoln purring.

Good night innernets. (Lilly, who looks like she was glaring at me, but was actually in the middle of a slow blink.)


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