3-30-23 Thursday

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Jay’s trying to decide whether to fight for his seat at the milk bar, or just wait.

Myrtle’s all “I WAS TRYING TO NURSE AND JAY CAME OVER AND KNOCKED ME AWAY FROM MY SPIGOT AND I AM STILL HUNGRYYYYY” and Daisy is pretty much ready for this phase of her life to be over.

The milk bar patrons have settled down… for NOW.

Myrtle and Daisy both have their eyes on me.

As does Zelda.

Myrtle’s waiting her turn for a bath.

Daisy sure keeps those babies CLEAN.

It’s kind of hard to see what’s going on here, but Nick fell asleep with his tongue sticking out and I cannot stand how cute he is.

Jay’s all “Watchin’ youuuu, lady.”


Here comes Jake!

Jake loves to sit on those steps and prevent the other cats from coming through the cat door (there’s another cat door about 6 feet thataway —-> , in the door to the screened porch. We’re no dummies – we knew there needed to be two doors out onto the screened porch.)


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The milk bar is hoppin’ this morning! (Left to right: Jay, Myrtle, Nick and Zelda)

Jay’s not sure he cares for this whole “having eyes” thing.

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A conversation with Myrtle. ❤

When Daisy twists her head around like this and holds her paws in bunny position, I could just squish her. She is so CUTE.

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The kittens are bright-eyed and toddling around the crate. Look at ’em go!

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Zelda is turning into QUITE the spicy little muffin.

Good night innernets. (The Crate Catsbys: Mama Daisy, Jay, Myrtle, Zelda and Nick)


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