3-23-23 Thursday

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Line ’em up! Left to right: Jay, Zelda, Nick and Myrtle.

Jay goes exploring (as much as one can explore within the confines of the crate.)

I sense that Nick is going to be one gorgeous boy.

While Mama’s off eating, the kittens squirm around.

Daisy considers her life choices.

Then decides to nap on it.

Zelda at the milk bar. I love the little dashes of orange on her back and side.

Just a mama and her Myrtle. Where are the other kittens, you ask?

Hanging out behind Daisy. (Left to right: Jay, Zelda, Nick.)

Daisy considers another snack.

Then goes for a nap instead.

Daisy is handling this whole mothering thing like a pro. She was a little nervous the first day, but in the days since she’s completely relaxed. She is 100% fine with me handling the kittens, is happy to go to the food bowl and eat while I keep an eye on them, and in the past day or so she’s started taking breaks from the crate to watch the birds out the window, or snooze in the middle of the floor. She is such a good mama!


Marsali pie? My favorite!

You will note that Joanie is playing with Mister Frog. When Cinna and Linny’s mama came to get them, she brought a replacement for Mister Frog, and I sent the original home with them.

Joanie schemes.

Marsali’s head tilt just kills me dead.


Alice Mo would like you to know that that colorful blanket is super comfy, yo.

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4-kitten pie? My favorite! (Nick on the left bottom, Zelda on the right bottom, Myrtle kind of in the middle of the pie plate, and Jay on top of ’em all.)

Myrtle’s a little handful.

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We have a little hisser! Jay is expressing his emotions.

Yes, he’s hissing. It’s totally normal, it’s because they smell something unfamiliar (that would be me) and they generally stop shortly after their eyes open.

(A delegate from the “Well Actually” commission will be along momentarily to stranger-splain to us that the kitten is not really hissing despite the fact that every single litter I’ve had at this age does it. When their explanation is unappreciated, they will whimper “i WaS jUsT tRyInG tO hElP” before flouncing away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Joanie’s serious, judgmental little face kills me dead every time. (Marsali in the front, Joanie in the back.)

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Three and a half minutes at the milk bar. Does the video need to be that long? Probably not, but you got something better to do? (I added that purring soundtrack so y’all don’t have to listen to my stomach growling. 🙃 )

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Slow motion kittens – Marsali might not be able to get as high as Joanie, but she’s SERIOUS about getting that feather teaser!

Good night innernets. (Daisy and the Crate Catsbys – from left: Jay, Nick, Zelda and Myrtle.)


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