3-10-22 Thursday

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Clover is always lying in just the perfect position for me to get a picture of him sleeping sweetly.

Mondo poses just right from time to time, too.

Clover using Mama’s foot as a pillow… and Mama keeping an eye on me!

These kittens sure do sleep a lot. (Kudzu)

I guess they need a lot of sleep… but I want them to wake up and play with me! (Hollyhock)

Bramble gets a bath.

Lined up at the milk bar. Left to right: Bramble, Hollyhock, Mondo, Clover and Kudzu at the end, on the move.


Newt would like to know where the sun has gone, please and thank you.


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The Sprouts are 1 week old. We should see some eyeballs soon, but they were sleeping, so I couldn’t see if any had plinked open yet.

Mimosa’s Sprouts are 1 week old today, and here’s what they look like! They’ve all gained a substantial amount of weight and are doing great.⁠

Kudzu currently weighs 8.2 oz/232.5 g. He has gained 3.7 oz/104.9 g in the past week.⁠
Mondo currently weighs 8.4 oz/238.1 g. He has gained 3.7 oz/104.9 g in the past week.⁠
Clover currently weighs 8.5 oz/241 g. He has gained 4.4 oz/124.7 g in the past week. ⁠
Bramble currently weighs 7.9 oz/224 g. He has gained 3.6 oz/102 g in the past week.⁠
Hollyhock currently weighs 6.8 oz/192.8 g. She has gained 3.1 oz/87.9 g in the past week.⁠

The big news here is that for the past two weigh-ins, Clover has been the biggest kitten. He’s stolen Mondo’s “Head Chonker in Charge” title. Will it stay that way? Only time will tell!

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Hissy little Sprouts kittens. And how have I never noticed that Kudzu has a much bigger, rounder head than his siblings? (Also, no eyeballs… YET.)

Well, apparently I spoke too soon (see earlier video where I declared that I’m not seeing eyeballs yet.) Both Hollyhock (left) and Mondo (right) have eyes peeking through. They’re not open yet, but it won’t be long!

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Milk bar shenanigans. I love it when kittens roll around on their backs while they’re nursing. Such a rough life!

Mimosa’s getting some love from me while we keep an eye on the kittens.

Good night innernets. (From left: Kudzu, Bramble (back), Mondo (front), Hollyhock (top) and Clover (bottom.)) Mama Mimosa was over standing by me and being petted when I took this picture.


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  1. Is it just me, or is Hollyhock always at the top of the pile at the milk bar?

  2. What sweeties, Clover’s stripes are lovely in that photo of them at the milkbar!