3-9-22 Wednesday

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It has been ONE WEEK since the kittens were born! I don’t have their one-week collage ready yet (because I haven’t taken the pictures… but I will! Look for it on social media today, or tomorrow’s blog post.)

Hard to believe they’re only a week old, isn’t it? It seems like they’ve been with us for longer than that.

I only noticed yesterday that Kudzu (left) has himself a big round head. How did I not notice the size of that noggin before?

What a chunky little handful he is.

Clover seems to like to sleep with his head toward the door of the cabinet, which gives me a chance to take many sleeping pictures of him.

Mimosa was lying with her back to the cabinet door when I came in to visit, and Kudzu (left) and Hollyhock were bellied up to the milk bar.

Sleepy babies.

They spend a lot of time squirming as a pile.


Hollyhock doesn’t have eyeballs yet, but I expect it won’t be long.

Bramble is a hissy hissy hisser.

Mimosa has a bath.

Yesterday, for the first time since her kittens were born, Mimosa went to the top of the cat tree and took a solitary snooze. I like it when she takes time away from the kittens – every mama needs a little time to rest and recharge.


Charlie has a request: “Innernets, please admire my fabulous leg.”


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

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Mama’s off eating her breakfast, and the kittens are motoring around their nest.

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Mimosa had a different flavor food than she usually does (some sort of fish flavor), and I’m pretty sure the kittens were reacting to the unfamiliar smell of the food.

Bramble loves his mama. ❤️

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I made a video of what it looks like when I’m weighing the kittens (the video, as usual, turned out to be longer than I’d intended.) The kittens were all really calm until the little drama queen at the end. As you can see, Mama was a bit annoyed by me, but she forgave quickly (she knows they need to be weighed!)

I love the way Hollyhock is flopped atop Clover, so that it almost looks like his head is her head.

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The kittens are still hissing at me, except for Clover, who’s going for a wander.⁠

Did you know that neonatal kittens hiss as a defense mechanism when they smell something unfamiliar? It is completely normal and unbearably cute. ⁠ They usually start at a couple of days old, and the hissing generally stops between the time their eyes open (7 – 10 days) and their ears are completely open (about 2 1/2 weeks).

Good night innernets. (Left to right: Bramble, Kudzu, Hollyhock, Mondo & Clover. Mama Mimosa is eating a late dinner.)


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3-9-22 Wednesday — 4 Comments

  1. Charlie – I have complied with your request and was quite happy to do so. Will accept other similar assignments.


  2. I just noticed that Mondo has a perfect ‘M’ on his forhead! How appropriate. He’ll always be monogrammed.