3-8-22 Tuesday

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Sleepy Clover.

A sleepy line of cute. From the front: Bramble, Hollyhock, Mondo and Clover (Kudzu’s over to the right, with his head off-camera.)

These kittens have the sweetest little faces.

Bramble using his little leg as a pillow, and I died a little.

Kudzu’s little pink nose and lips just KILL. ME. DEAD.

Mondo’s pretty sure he belongs at the top of the pile.

Oh, that FACE.

“Watch them with your EYES, lady, not your fingers.” Can I help it if they’re so cute and soft that sometimes I’ve just gotta touch?

Mondo (left) and Hollyhock were hissing, but in this shot it looks like they’re laughing at a silly joke.

It took Kudzu a minute to get the joke.

The kittens are 6 days old today, which means that we can expect to see eyeballs any ol’ time now!


An old pic of Dewey so that y’all don’t forget what he looks like! I thought I was going to be able to get a picture of him outside this weekend, enjoying the nice weather and the new fence, but I swear the instant I even considered it, Dewey was all ::POOF!:: into another dimension.


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Breakfast at the milk bar!

Mondo (using Bramble as a pillow) is not the only hisser in the bunch, but he’s certainly the most emphatic.

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Who’s who in the kitten room.

What we have here is a snuggly pile of cute – gray tabby and white Kudzu, calico Hollyhock, and dark brown tabby Mondo. Rest assured that I did, indeed, gently poke Hollyhock’s little pink belly and tickled her little pink toes.

YouTube link
Pardon me, is this cabinet purring? Kittens at the milk bar!

Clover is just a perfect little bundle of cute.

Good night innernets. ❤️ (From left to right: Clover, Mondo, Hollyhock, Kudzu & Bramble.)


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  1. Oh my goodness the cute is killing me! They look like they are getting plenty of milk at the milk bar just look at those fat little belly’s.