3-22-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

“Lady, what’re you gonna do about the fact that these kittens keep following me around?” Not a darn thing, Isabella. You know how to get away from them if you want to!⁠ (Isabella & Alejandro)

If you don’t mind, please admire Carmelita’s belly. It’s a good belly, right?

Diego’s keeping an eye on me.

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Pablo started this tussle but Alejandro ended it!

Alejandro’s comin’ through!

Good night innernets. (Isabella)

If Isabella’s face isn’t the epitome of a sigh, I don’t know what is.

His paws are saying “Paws UP, y’all!” but his face is saying “YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!”

“What you doin’, weird lady?” Diego wonders.

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Javier does a pounce! (And then there’s a lot more tussling – but I find the attempted pounce very impressive!)

Pablo’s doin’ a sneak.

Good night innernets. (Carmelita, Pablo & Diego)

Shenanigans abound. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Pablo)

I put this bowtie on him, and he kept trying to step over it. Poor Pablo.

“I DO NOT CARE FOR THESE SHENANIGANS, LADY.” (Diego, with Carmelita peeking in.)

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BOOP! (Diego, and a little of Javier, who did not get BOOP’d.)

“Really, lady? REALLY?” Poor permanent resident Khal. He was there, I had the hat, it seemed like the natural next step. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the princess will wear her green crown to bed. Good night, innernets.

Truth in advertising. (Alejandro)

I picked up Carmelita to give her a kiss, and she gave me this look. So I gave her TEN kisses.

When the milk bar gets this crowded, you’ve gotta sneak in from the other side.

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These must be the cleanest kittens in the south.

Diego knows he’s a cutie.

Good night innernets. (Javier)⁠

Javier certainly doesn’t fit in my hand the way he used to!

“I finds you annoying, lady.” Alejandro with attitude.

Oh, that Javier. Isn’t he just the CUTEST?

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Alejandro has a BOOP!

Alejandro may think he’s all grown up, but he still needs his bottom cleaned by Mama, whether he likes it or not.

Good night innernets. (Carmelita)⁠

My goodness those two gray boys look alike! (That’s Alejandro on the left, Pablo on the right.)

Javier has a sleepy.⁠

“Halloooooooooooo!” (Carmelita)

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Pablo has a thought (and then would like a snuggle).

Yes, that is Alejandro eating the crumbs off of Isabella’s plate. When I put him in front of a plate of fresh food, he ate several bites like he’s been doing it his whole life. Isabella was very proud.

Good night innernets.

This picture makes me laugh and laugh. (That’s Alejandro with a complaint.)

I swear I could squoosh Javier a million times over.

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I love this video of Isabella bringing the kittens her “kill” so that they can eat (if you crank up the sound, you can hear her calling out to let them know food is on the way.)

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The kittens, playing. When Pablo comes skitterbugging into view at around 18 seconds, it cracks me UP.

Diego’s eyes still look super blue, but if you look closely, you can see that they’re changing. (I expect all the kittens will end up with green eyes like their mama.)

Good night innernets.


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  1. Only 10 kisses? I would still be smooching Carmelita, pausing only to pick up another kitten for a round of blitz kissing.