3-27-20 Friday

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Lovely pics! The tribute wall is great but the bathroom pics are even better. I think Moop needs to be on an item of some sort.

He’s on a few things over at the Zazzle store! (This link should take you to Moop-specific items.) Also, if there’s something specific you’d like to see that (or any) picture on, let me know. It’s relatively simple to set up at Zazzle and I’m happy to do it.


May I ask what is Gessoboard? I’m figuring it’s different than canvas – is it like foamboard? I’m trying to get on the productive bandwagon – clearly, I don’t have any excuses.

Gesso board is a wooden board primed with Gesso (basically a white acrylic paint) – they’re actually intended for painters to paint on. I grabbed the boards at the store when I was looking at canvas, but I’m thinking that any kind of board will work. I may try experimenting with other boards and see what I like.


In the background of the picture of Carmelita studiously not looking at the camera, what kinds of steps are those you have next to the litter boxes? My vet recently suggested doing something to make it easier for my elderly cats to get into their litter boxes, and I think those would be perfect!

Those are spice rack steps – I got them at Amazon, here. They are SUPER handy when the kittens are small and can’t get into the litter boxes very easily. They get the hang of it very quickly!


I’m in the UK, where we have been told to stop all non-essential travel. I was just wondering if you had similar restrictions in place and, if so, how that would affect homing the kittens?


Robyn, with everything going on does that mean that this litter will be with you for the next foreseeable two or three months?

I don’t know if your Petsmart has closed or how they’re handling things but I’m assuming that these guys are going to be there for a while.

The governor of Alabama said earlier this week that she has no plans to issue a shelter-in-place order, but we are under an order that prohibits gatherings of 25 or more. Petsmart is still open and there are cats and kittens still housed there (thank god for the volunteers who go in twice a day to spend time with them and clean cages), but rescue adoption events (including the regular adoption hours) are suspended for the time being. If someone is interested in a Forgotten Felines cat or kitten, they’re able to set up an appointment to meet them. What this means for adoptions for Isabella and the kittens I’m not sure yet. Luckily, the kittens are just 6 weeks old and won’t be available for adoption until they’re 3 months old, so we’ve got a little time yet.

There was a lot of interest in the kittens when they were first born, and in the weeks since, so I’m hoping adoptions will be able to happen straight from here.


Alejandro through the tunnel, washing food off his face.

And sitting on my foot, wondering why my sock is inside out. (Because they’re Bomba socks with the name printed on the toe, and when I flew last year the “Bomb” part of their name caught the eye of the guy at Security. Fortunately he laughed it off, but I decided to turn my socks inside-out the next time I flew because you never want to catch the attention of the TSA agents for any reason at all, and I discovered that they’re more comfy that way.)

Diego’s all “How YOU doin’?”

And Alejandro’s all “No, seriously. How YOU doin’?!”

Diego looks good in that pink crown bed, doesn’t he?

“Innernets, LOOK. I gots a foot!”

Carmelita’s hanging out, doing her thing.

Pablo with the crazy eyes. El gatito loco.

Javier’s all “Whoa whoa WHOA. You have pajama pants with CATS on them? I find this shocking!”

Crazy gorgeous. El hermoso gatito loco?

Gorgeous Isabella.

Speaking of that gorgeous mama, I’m hesitant to get too excited, but it seems that Isabella’s fur is starting to finally grow back in. She doesn’t appear to be overgrooming anymore, and I haven’t seen her pulling fur either. Maybe her hormones are calming down as the kittens are getting older. Lord only knows how recent her previous litter was, and if she was having litter after litter before she came to us, her hormones must have been going nuts constantly. I’m so glad this is her last litter (and what a gorgeous litter to go out on!)


We had a sunny day yesterday for the first time in 63 years (it feels like), and the cats were VERY happy. As were the humans!


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  1. Alejandro, the Most Interesting Kitten in the World. He doesn’t always eat litter, but when he does, he eats clay non-clumping.

  2. I love it when your fosters trust us enough to show us their fantastic footies!

  3. The fluffy little heads on this batch of kittens are killing me dead with the cuteness! Do you think they are all going to be long haired when they grow up?

  4. Carmelita hanging out – I love that! My long-ago kitty Aggie used to like to lie on her back in the rocking chair with her head hanging over the edge, surveying her world. She’s also the kitty who used to prop herself up in a corner, so she could sit like a human. She was an interesting kitty!

  5. Re: Your Governor of Alabama’s statement:
    My Prime Minister, Provincial Ministers, Mayors, and Medical Experts are saying this:” Stay home. It doesn’t matter that the weekend’s almost here – if you choose to gather in groups or hang out with your friends, you’re putting yourself, those around you, and our health care workers at risk. So take this seriously. Do the right thing and stay home.”
    It’s the same in Europe and many countries.
    Stay safe.

  6. I’m sorry if you’ve already been asked this a bunch of times, but where did you get the little round hanging wicker chair?? I think my two guinea pigs might need one!

    • That’s a Fruitasan fruit holder from Pier1. It’s not cheap, but I got it during a sale (and it’s so cute it’s worth it. 🙂 ) I would provide a link, but the Pier1 site seems to be down at the moment.