3-27-18 Tuesday

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Look at these sweet faces!

Those sweet faces belong to Patches (formerly known as Art Vandelay) and Periwinkle (formerly Bert Macklin), two of the Fakers from wayyy back in 2016. They were NOT born at Crooked Acres, but did come to us with their mama Regina Phalange when they were only three days old, so they were PRACTICALLY born there.



They turned 2 earlier this month (which seems impossible, but I got out my calculator and it’s TRUE, 2018 is 2 years after 2016!), and Kristin said that they are extraordinarily sweet and patient boys. Awww.

(Thanks, Kristin!)


Little gray is very fond of flopping down atop the big kittens.

Isn’t it just such a rough life?

Little ornj. That dark spot on his nose is not permanent, I believe, but it makes it easier to tell the two of them apart, so I’m not rushing to clean it off.

All the babies.

Dean likes the orange ones. Oh, who am I kidding? Dean loves ’em all.

Katarina, also a fan of the littles.

The whole family.

Another shot of the whole family (those little pink toes in the middle of the picture kill me dead.)

Annnd one more shot from above.

Of note: one of the meezers has an eye starting to open. They were a week old as of yesterday, so I imagine we’ll be seeing more eyes peeking through pretty soon.

I took the kittens out of the crate yesterday morning so that I could change out the bedding, and as I was putting them back into the crate, one of the orange kittens got screamy, and Kristi ran toward me, growling. She does NOT like it when her babies are crying – and yet if Katia’s kittens are crying, she doesn’t pay attention at all. HMPH, GRANNY.

I took a look at the back ends of the kittens, and while I am 95% sure the orange kittens are boys, I really wasn’t able to tell on the others yet. All in good time!


Dewey has claimed this hammock scratcher as his very own. I don’t think I’ve seen any other cat in it.


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3-27-18 Tuesday — 25 Comments

  1. All the pictures are wonderful. What a great extended family. Katia is funny. Hey, her little ones come first! I guess, she thinks the bigger ones can look out for themselves. 😉

    In that picture, Dean’s eyes look a-mazing!

    Hello, Dewey!

  2. Dewey looks mighty pleased with himself.

    I love the overhead drone pictures of the extended family. Katia’s babies look huge next to their uncles and aunts!

  3. Love seeing the foster updates. Patches and periwinkle look smug and plump. Love seeing them like that.

  4. In the one picture it appears that all of Katia’s kittens are nursing from Kristi and all of Kristi’s kittens are nursing from Katia. It is so cute!

    I am in love with Katarina (and all the others too.)

    • As I took that picture, I asked if they traded them on purpose or it just worked out that way. (I didn’t get an answer.)

  5. I just finished reading the 2017 post for today. I think it is kind of ironic that in that post you stated “I am NOT naming one of her kittens Katrina.” Now you have a Katarina that occasionally you and others type as Katrina.

    We now also know that in response to your comment that you didn’t know when Nola would have her kittens, that you had 1 week to wait.

    • Being that my name IS Katrina, I have to make myself read Katarina’s correctly. LOL And because of that, I actually haven’t seen it misspelled. Unless it’s corrected before I make it here. 🙂

      • I did it a couple of times in one post (I think last Friday), but must have corrected them before you got here. 🙂

  6. We have one of those same scratchers and while many cats scratch it, not one has ever gotten into the hammock. So it’s become a dumping spot for my daughter’s clothes, and it’s too late for any cat to decide to get into it…

    • We have it in white. Only one of ours has ventured into the hammock. She seemed very comfy in it. They like the scratching posts, totally ignore the balls, and we have one who loves to hang on the bottom platform. Cats.

  7. I am LOVING looking at Gilly from 2015 when she was making you wait so long for her little “Fools” to be born. She still walks around with her tail straight up, curving the tip back and forth, still loves to have her chin rubbed, and still plops down on my phone or iPad as soon as I lay it down! And of course, still a sweetie!

    • I’m pretty sure I posted many pictures of her lounnnging around the room, not a care in the world, all “Kittens? What kittens? No kittens here!” and I was SO frustrated. It’s a guarantee that when I get a cat who looks like she’s going to pop, she waits weeks and weeks to have her kittens!

  8. Is it my imagination or are the bigger ones hanging out in the crate w/the family longer than other litters? I’m looking forward to video of them wobbling around. Also with Katia and Kisti being feral, is there a chance that the kittens could learn that “mis-trust of humans” behavior ? This is a really fun family to watch! Can’t wait til they’re all moving around together in the playroom!

    • They’ve been leaving the crate a lot in the last couple of days, but they are spending a lot more time in the crate than previous litters. I’m used to them figuring out how to get out and then never wanting to go back!

      • Well, if I had fuzzy family to have a giant cuddle pile with, I’d probably be inclined to stick around too!

  9. Are you having the time of your LIFE? It all seems surreal to me – two litters in the same crate and all related.

  10. I Dewberlieve he’s getting more gorgeous every time I see him – this shot really brings out the tawny colors.

  11. What’s a messed? I’ve never heard that term before. I thought they looked a little Siamese, if you please.