9-15-20 Tuesday

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Athos up close.

Little girl in a big bed.

Rochefort would like a kiss, if y’don’t mind.

I like how the kittens are looking at Archie, and Archie’s looking at me like “How did you let this happen, lady?”

Archie playing a quick round of Slappy Paws with d’Artagnan.

Aramis (outside the basket) and Rochefort (inside the basket) smacking at each other.

Rochefort climbed out of the basket, pausing for a moment to look around.

Athos trying to put the bite on Aramis, and Rochefort giving me the eyes of “Can you believe their shenanigans?”

Constance is all “We made too many tacos. There’s no way we’re gonna sell all these tacos.”
Rochefort is all “Shh, we have a customer. Ma’am, can I interest you in 20 fish tacos? And a donut?”

Porthos’s tiny little head and big ol’ ears crack me up.

Athos has a sleepy.

Aramis wonders if I’ve mentioned just how gorgeous he is. I think I have, but here’s your reminder!


Dewey had no idea I was there taking a picture of him – and when he realized I was pointing the camera at him, off he zoomed. Brat!


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