9-15-17 Friday

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Does it look like Phoenix has a “P” over her left eye or is it just me?

Well, let’s take a look – most people think it’s a kiss, but I can kind of see a “P.”

This is a pretty decent view of it.

Here it is closer, and with her flipped right-side up:

I think it’s like a cloud – everyone sees something different!


I always thought Phoenix’s marking was her mission badge. I don’t know where the others are hiding theirs, although Hubble’s might be on his nose.

Hubble’s mission badge is positioned properly on his chest!


Are you ever lucky enough to get a case where she flops down next to you when you sit and the kittens toddle up to the milkbar?

Sure, that happens from time to time – and she likes being petted while they nurse (she likes being petted no matter what’s going on, really.)


Phoenix in the Tiny Basket with her fish. She certainly loves that toy!

Gorgeous mama Mercury.

Aurora in the Tiny Basket with the fish. Apparently in the Tiny Basket with the fish is the place to BE.

Telstar, climbing.

Telstar, checking out Phoenix’s climbing skills.

I put the scratching post on its side so I wouldn’t have to worry about the kittens climbing too high and then falling and splitting open their noggins and getting marshmallow fluff everywhere (SO sticky) and Mercury climbed on and started sharpening her claws. Telstar joined in. Then Mercury said “But I like to sit on top of the scratching post and look outside!” so I put it back the way it was.

And she sat and watched the traffic.

“See, Mama? I can sharpen my claws too!”

Telstar always looks like the weight of the world is on his tiny shoulders.

Changing colors. Wahhh!

“How do I fly this stupid thing, again?” Poor Stardust has totally forgotten her training.

Aurora’s got a case of the lights-on-no-one-homes.



Videos! In the first one, Hubble shows off his gymnastics skills. His dismount is something to see!

YouTube link

And in the second, Stardust shows off her climbing skills. It helped that Mercury was up there flicking her tail back and forth.

YouTube link


Dewey reflects that it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when he STILL doesn’t have his own permanent resident page even though he’s been a permanent resident for nearly 9 months now.

Cry me a river, Dewbs.


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9-15-17 Friday — 12 Comments

  1. Hubble is too much! I have a total thing for Telstar and his worried look (and his stripes), but Hubble is the one who makes me laugh and aww every time I see him.

  2. Thank you so much for still talking about your kitties. I read you everyday and it probably is the highlight of my day.

  3. Oh man that video of Hubble is funny…Little dude, good thing you’re made of marshmallow fluff and cotton candy.

    Mercury must have been all “Cryin’ out loud, can’t I just get one effing minute to my self??” while her tail is being attacked and Stardust is all “Mama! Mama! Mama! Look at me Mama! Look! Look! Hi Mama! I love you! MAMA!”

  4. Phoenix has, to my eye, a reindeer hoof print on her forehead that marks her as a special gift from vacationing Santa! It might even be from Rudolph, but without comparison prints, it’s hard to confirm.

    Been meaning to comment about it, but life frequently interrupts intentions.

  5. You might have to start using the fish and the tiny basket to show the progression of how big the kittens get !!!

    They are getting so big so very fast !! I do love how they are still at the bunny hop stage when they get excited 🙂

  6. I think Phoenix’s “beauty mark” looks like an elephant’s head. The face of elephant nose starts a little above the eye with trunk curling around left eye.

  7. I see the “P” and the kiss now! But I still like to think it’s a single quotation mark meaning you can only believe half of what she tells you! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when she’s full grown, I hope whoever adopts her will send pictures when she’s all growed up!