9-8-20 Tuesday

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Porthos wants to know what I think I’m doing.

Porthos from above. Such a pretty boy!

“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.” Have I mentioned that Rochefort is more talkative when he’s sleepy?

Aramis is using Constance as a backdrop to show off his one magic tabby toe.

Oh dear. We’ve got a bed full of melted kittens.

Athos noticed that the center of the fan is a mirror, and he looked at that adorable orange kitty for a long, long time.

Aramis needs a kiss, is what he needs.

Rochefort and the sleepy eyes.

One thing these kittens like about having the run of the upstairs is that there are three different beds to snooze on. I never know which bed I’ll find them piled on!

D’Artagnan lookin’ sultry. “How YOU doin’?”


I bought that scratcher for Newt because he likes to hang out in the living room while we’re watching TV at night and his previous favorite scratcher got a large volume of barf on it (thanks, Jake.) So I couldn’t find a scratcher like the last one, but thought Newt would like this one. But naturally he completely ignored it and wouldn’t go near it for months. Then finally he decided to give it a try, and has declared it good. As I knew he would! He just takes his time with these things.


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