9-8-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Beauregard reminds me SO MUCH of Amelie.

Beauregard’s got his slappin’ paw at the ready, should he need it. (Beauregard and Henri)

Hanging out near the litter boxes (you never know when you’re gonna have to go) with some food on his nose (you never know when you’ll need a snack.) Luc is a smart boy!

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Beauregard gets a bath from Auntie Kat.

Josephine looks like I’ve insulted her mother and she can’t believe my NERVE.

Good night innernets. (Josephine & Fleur)

We have a window-mounted bird feeder that has proven to be very popular with the birds. Katriane loves to sit and watch them flit back and forth. Occasionally we have a squirrel on the window sill, eating the discarded sunflower seeds; Katriane’s only seen that once, but she found it AMAZING.

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Mama’s tail is the BEST toy.

Snuggly girls. (Josephine & Fleur)

“Katriane? Margeaux? Could you girls sit next to each other and pose nicely for me? Please?” NOPE. ⁠

Good night innernets. (Henri & Fleur)

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Now that Francois is gone, who’s gonna be Da BAYbee? We have a surprise volunteer.

Henri isn’t so sure about those mirrors and that other kitten he can see but can’t touch.

That look of adoration Henri is giving Katriane is SO SWEET.

We’re gonna need a bigger pie plate! (Beauregard was snoozing elsewhere.)

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Skitterbugs skitterbugging, as skitterbugs do.

Paws UP, y’all! (Henri & Luc)

Good night innernets. (Beauregard)

We’re leaving out of here in a few minutes; it’s Margeaux’s spay day, hooray! (Some of us are more excited about that than others of us, as you can see.) Happy No-More-Babies-For-You Day, Margeaux! (Margeaux will be back here with us tonight; she’s still got some mothering to do with this current bunch of ruffians.)

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Henri shows off his somersault skills – regular speed & slow motion.

Luc sits with his paws crossed, like a proper gentleman.

That BELLY. Have I mentioned that Beauregard reminds me SO MUCH of Amelie?

Good night innernets. (Left to right: Fleur, Luc, Josephine & Gabrielle.) ⁠

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The kittens have donned their crazypants.

Good night innernets. (Gabrielle)

Beauregard takes a WHAP.

“What the heck is she doing out there?”⁠
“I don’t know, but I don’t like it.” ⁠
(I was watering plants.)
Katriane on the left, Margeaux on the right, and Jake and Newt in the background.

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Whole lotta hoppin’ going on.

Henri gets a SMOOCH from Auntie Katriane.

Sweet sisters Josephine (left) and Gabrielle.

Good night innernets. Fleur (green collar) and Luc.

Today we met the vacuum cleaner, and we were not impressed. (Henri in the middle, Gabrielle on the left back, Beauregard in front of her, Fleur (back) and Luc on the right, and Josephine beneath them.) ⁠

Good night, innernets. Left to right: Josephine, Luc, Fleur (the ear sticking up next to Luc), and Gabrielle. ⁠


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9-8-19 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the Sunday Roundup Robyn.

    I’ve meaning to ask, I’ve recently noticed you using those miracle litter mats that supposedly are the bee’s knees for keeping litter from getting tracked out of the box. How well are they “really” working?

  2. Excuse me, does anyone have a tissue? I’m laughing so hard at all the kitten shenanigans that I’m crying. Thanks for making my Monday morning, Robyn! I totally lost it when the kitten (don’t know which one!) was hanging by his/her teeth on your sofa blanket! I was thinking, is he practicing to be on the trapeze for the Flying Wallendas?? ; ) We have a couple of new kittens at home, the littler one (about 4 mos) loves to parkour off the other cats, she thinks it’s the bees’ knees! The parkouree, however, is not amused, mostly just confused.