9-18-20 Friday

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How do you deal with barf stains? My sister taught me that a squirt of barbasol shaving cream on furniture scrubbed in and then wiped clean with a damp cloth cleans it away-and it does, but I’m so scent sensitive that even the original so called no scent can makes my asthma flareup.

I’m posting this in hopes that someone else will answer because my answer is that I don’t deal with barf stains: I don’t have carpet (I have small washable area rugs in the kitten room and hallway, and cheap and crappy area rugs downstairs that are pretty much of a design that things kind of don’t sink in but wipe off the top) and the furniture is either covered in something washable or made of something that won’t stain (ie, fake leather type material.) There was a time when we lived in a carpeted house (I never want to have carpet again) and I had a steam cleaner, and I vaguely remember buying some foam stain cleaner at the grocery store, but it’s all dust in the wind as far as my memory goes. If anyone has a suggestion, please speak up!


They figured out how to flip the basket over, and now they hang on out top of it, as illustrated by Aramis.

Big world, little Aramis.

Aramis is all “Do you mind, lady? Is nap time.”

Constance the happy little muffin.

I’m not sure if you can see the kittens with that loud background (those blankets came from Kohl’s), but in the evening before Fred and I watch TV I put on my pajamas and hang out on the couch in the kitten room, and invariably they all pile on top of me. I took this picture just after I struggled out from under the pile of them so I could go downstairs, and they were not pleased with me.

Uncle Archie is interested in Da Bird as much as the kittens are.

I stuck that box up out of the way while I was vacuuming, and of course Rochefort found it.

Aramis and Athos watching Constance play with a packing strip.

“I wouldn’t mind playing with y’all,” says Uncle Archie. “But there are SO MANY of you that it’s daunting. So keep your distance.”


Doesn’t Alice have the PRETTIEST eyes?

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